Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Love to watch

AS the Australian Idol cut down to 10 contestants; the show is getting more exciting for the viewers and nerve wrecking for all the contestants..

They are all good and the viewers favourites are showing....

I've watched the show since the 1st day of audition and as the final 10 enter the show to sing ; some of them would shine and some would falter ...

But hey how about JD the new judge,,,,,, when he asked Stan Walker after his performance,, When did you last go to the gym? and people reacted and he reiterated that being a performer needs a lot of energy when performing...  hummm.,,, or he is just want to say to Stan to loose a bit,,, but Stan looks good and doesn't need any kind of weight loss pills  ,,, he's looks good and sing real GOOD!!!!!
So all the best to the 10 contestants!!!


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