Monday, September 7, 2009

House is sold

My house is SOLD!!!!  Whoaa, after 2 1/2 months on the market we I am relieved that's we can already move on....  Yeah ,, when I said selling the house is stressful ...moving is more stressful!!!!  I bet I have to find the best hgh releaser  .  I needed  that ,, with all the packing and lifting I need an extra boost...!!!

So I started packing things up , and the best time to purge things that I accumulated the past few years.. Its just overwhelming and I dunno where to start,, I'm the kind of person that do things and move on after a while ,, I get bored and move on to a different activities,,,,, FOCUS FOCUS  that's what I need to do,,, I am just doing it  by myself,, while Hubby is at work and kids are in school I don't need a distraction....  Hey,, what am I doing bloggin!!!!!!!   Oops its my break and during my break time I am updating and surfing,,, got to go ,, my  break time is up!!!!


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