Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Moving House

I've got a chaotic life at the moment,, the house is messy full of packed boxes everywhere... I have no time to clean up,,, but they say that I don't need to clean up,, have a big clean up after moving all the stuff to the new place..

Anyway,, we just signed the papers for the rental house that we are moving into,,, we are renting a place ;while we are building our new house.
It had been a stressful month for us,, finding a place to move in... There are hardly enough rental houses around our area, and we desperately in need of a place because our settlement is due within the 1st week of October...
We searched high and low just to get this place,, we even offered to pay 6 months in advance just to secure the place... Luckily we were approved in no time... out tactic worked!!!!

Anyway, this morning we signed the papers and got the keys , we are all excited to check the house out,, its a Brand new house located in a quiet suburb overlooking the golf range,, its like living in a holiday place,, although the place is not as big as our house .  Most of my neighbours are retirees who wanted to downsize and enjoy their retirement , I bet they also have a term life insurance for seniors   .

The house is also near to B1's school,, very convenient for him....

Most of our stuff will be pack away in the garage ,,I will just open the boxes that I will need in the house most of them are safely packed away....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Need to pack a lunch

Last month my son's newletter from school empahasized kids to bring lunch without thier packets, or just use containers for it to lessen the rubbish in school ... I thought that it is a good idea , so I searched online to get an inspiration how to serve / pack an attractive lunch for my boy... and I discover the world of Bento...

Ohhh how I love to these beautiful creations for my boy,, but the problem is ,, he is a bit fussy with is food,, so that means I have to be extra creative with his pack lunch..
that is why I am so amaze with these people who master the Bento making....

Most of the lunches are colourful and have a healthy options,, not only for kids but for adult as well,, packing a healthy lunch is way to go...   
Eating healthy and having a healthy lifestyle is my out most dream,,  better to avoid appetite suppressants  , or fab diet ...
 Since Summer time in Oz is fast approaching , its best to be fit in time for summer....

Photos from Adventures in Bentomaking visit her site for more beautiful creations....

EErie Day

Skies slowly returned to blue across NSW after a day that dawned dark red with thousands of tonnes of dust swirling in the air, playing havoc with transport and threatening health.

Ferries were cancelled on Sydney harbour, flights were diverted away from Sydney airport and health authorities warned residents across the state to stay indoors and avoid vigorous exercise on Wednesday.

Air particle pollution was hundreds of times higher than normal as a cold front moved across the state, picking up dust from paddocks desiccated by drought.

Up to 75,000 tonnes of dust per hour was blown into the waters off the coast and particle pollution was the highest on record - over 15,000 micrograms per cubic metre at times, when a normal day would see less than 20 micrograms.

NSW Health warned children, elderly people and those with heart and lung conditions to avoid outdoor activities, and said all vigorous physical activity should be minimised - even indoors.

The problems began on Tuesday when an intense low-pressure system formed over southern NSW and gale force winds on its northern edge developed during the afternoon.

"The winds whipped up a great dust cloud and that's been transferred across the whole of the state," the Bureau of Meteorology's regional director Barry Hanstrum told AAP.
Early on Wednesday, the dust hit Sydney, which woke to a blood-red dawn, fading slightly to orange as the sun rose higher in the sky.

And everywhere there was dust. It coated footpaths, shop floors, train stations and any other surface the wind could penetrate.

By late afternoon, the unusual weather system had pushed into Queensland, returning the Sydney sky to its normal colour.

The Bureau of Meteorology said it was highly unlikely Sydney would see a repeat of the rare dust storm any time soon.

Excerpt fro Yahoo 7 news....

Love to watch

AS the Australian Idol cut down to 10 contestants; the show is getting more exciting for the viewers and nerve wrecking for all the contestants..

They are all good and the viewers favourites are showing....

I've watched the show since the 1st day of audition and as the final 10 enter the show to sing ; some of them would shine and some would falter ...

But hey how about JD the new judge,,,,,, when he asked Stan Walker after his performance,, When did you last go to the gym? and people reacted and he reiterated that being a performer needs a lot of energy when performing...  hummm.,,, or he is just want to say to Stan to loose a bit,,, but Stan looks good and doesn't need any kind of weight loss pills  ,,, he's looks good and sing real GOOD!!!!!
So all the best to the 10 contestants!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Trying out

Yesterday I tried the new MacDonald Angus Beef Burger ...
McDonald's new addition to their product the Mighty Angus burger and The Grand Angus which is said to boost the Angus breed and wider Australian beef and rural industries.

The beef used in the new burgers will be verified as Angus by Certified Australian Angus Beef Pty Ltd (CAAB) based on national vendor declaration forms and backed by independent audits and DNA sampling.

"Having CAAB-verified Angus Beef added to the McDonald's menu will mean the quality and characteristics of the beef are promoted to millions of Australians, resulting in a boost for breeders and the industry as a whole," Phil Morley, CEO of CAAB, said.

To qualify for the program, the beef must come from an animal sired by an Angus bull and be out of either a straight-bred Angus cow or an Angus cross cow.

"McDonald's uses Australian quality beef in all its burgers and the new Angus burgers are another example of our commitment to offering customers a variety of menu items - and this time we are offering something a little bit fancy,"

Both the Mighty Angus and Grand Angus are served on a soft sourdough bun. The Mighty Angus also includes two cheese slices, a rasher of bacon, red onion rings, onion relish and mayonnaise
The Grand Angus also includes two cheese slices, tomato, gourmet salad mix, pickles, red onion rings, mustard and mayonnaise.

Source Fairfax Digital

And I it,, it was juicy and tasty  and for sure Aussies will love these new addition....
and I'm Lovin' It!!!!! Just like the Macca's promo..
anyway,, dont wanna get hooked to it,, I still have to lose belly fat   I"ve ben eating too much!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

House is sold

My house is SOLD!!!!  Whoaa, after 2 1/2 months on the market we I am relieved that's we can already move on....  Yeah ,, when I said selling the house is stressful ...moving is more stressful!!!!  I bet I have to find the best hgh releaser  .  I needed  that ,, with all the packing and lifting I need an extra boost...!!!

So I started packing things up , and the best time to purge things that I accumulated the past few years.. Its just overwhelming and I dunno where to start,, I'm the kind of person that do things and move on after a while ,, I get bored and move on to a different activities,,,,, FOCUS FOCUS  that's what I need to do,,, I am just doing it  by myself,, while Hubby is at work and kids are in school I don't need a distraction....  Hey,, what am I doing bloggin!!!!!!!   Oops its my break and during my break time I am updating and surfing,,, got to go ,, my  break time is up!!!!

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