Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wise Shopping

Nowadays people are very conscious about  what to do to save the environment ..

There are lots of tips and things to do to help and be a part of it...

We are all aware of Recycling....  But how about Green shopping ????

I found some tips from Earth 911 regarding Green Shopping and its very informative ....

Smart shopping habits are key to decreasing your carbon footprint and are often more gentle on the wallet.

Before You Go
1. Make a Shopping List and Stick to It.
2. Take Reusable Shopping Bags
3. Carefully Plan Your Trip.
4. Carpool.

At The Store
1. Buy Products in the Largest Size You Can Use
2. Patrol the Packaging.
4. Buy Local

Online Shopping
More and more people are choosing to shop online. Stay green at your computer screen with these tips:

If buying a gift for someone who lives far away, ship the item directly to the recipient’s home rather than your home first.
Order multiple items that can be shipped together in one purchase to decrease packaging material and transportation costs. To have ten pounds of packages shipped by overnight air uses 40 percent less fuel than driving yourself round-trip to the mall, according to the Center for Energy and Climate Solutions.
Ship products through the U.S. Postal Service because it is most likely coming to your neighborhood to deliver mail anyway.
Recycle or reuse all shipping material.
Info from  Earth911.com

So do your bit and help save the Earth...


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