Thursday, August 20, 2009


Today I went to the shops to buy a new vacuum for work,,, I  hate taking my vacuum to my hubby's work since the dust there is commercial dust from wood, so when I take my vacuum back home ,, I can smell the dust from work and its not good...

Today they had a 50% off vacuum sale at Target and bought it,, I just hope that it is good enough to be used at work and that the lamb motor  is durable, so after coming back from the shops I immediately placed the vacuum at the back of my car so I can just drop it off to hubby's workplace..
Shopping time today since there are heaps of SALE at the moment since they are getting ready for Spring/Summer season collection here in Oz, and as I roam around I cant help but get excited with the new collection that is coming out... All the florals and bright colours on the way... hay.. lovely!!!!!


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