Thursday, July 16, 2009

Winter chill

The winter air is getting colder and in the early morning as the fog thickens up,, I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep in..... Its too cold to go out and do something..... The weather makes me feel lazy and it means just to sit around cuddling a pillow or covered with a throw rug around me , while watching TV,,,, that  is the downside of winter.... Too lazy to burn fat and do some exercise,, ever since I stopped going to the Curves gym,, I ve noticed that I gained a few pounds,, my cheeks are getting bigger and my love handles are getting flabbier...  I guess I need to take ultra 90  to get rid of these extra pounds..... Since I am going on a holiday this coming Christmas ,, I dont want my old friends to see as a flabby, non fit person,,,, so I MUST I MUST,,, take control again@!

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