Sunday, July 12, 2009


 Im still busy keeping the house tidy... Yup the house is still on the market,, We had more than 10 visits already and we had a various feedback,,, Most of them like the presentation of the house, but some say that the backyard is small and some are limiting their budget to around $500 thousand mark . Anyway, we have to still go on and wait for the right deal to come through,,, the house has taken too much of my time and attention that I sometimes forget that we are going away on a holiday this coming December,, we are going to Hong Kong for 4 night and then travel to the Philippines and stay for 3 weeks.. 

Aside from taking the kids to Disneyland HK ,, shopping is a must for me,,, with all the wholesale clothing its gonna be a shopping heaven for me,,,, but the best part is to visit my family and be with them this coming Christmas...


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