Monday, July 6, 2009

Love this show

Its the FINAL episode for homeMade tomorrow Tuesday  7th of July.... and they will announce the winner .. My hubby and I are hooked on this show ... we watched every single episode and got inspirations and ideas on how to decorate.. They are good designers and it is so enjoyable to watch...  My fave though is Richie.. Although he didn't make it to the final 2 ,,, I still think he is one amazing designer....  It is down to Darren and jason,, they are both talented and creative people.. so all the best to the winner.. But I reckon JASON might have won the competition... since the show is taped and the people behind homeMade  already know the winner,,, it will be announced to the public tomorrow....
After eight weeks of renovating the final two designers are in a race to finish their homes. The judges then have the toughest decision to make - which designer will win the $100,000 prize. 
Ten designers from across Australia take on the biggest renovation competition ever attempted as they completely make over two family homes in just five days.
This means that each week two lucky families are given the opportunity of a lifetime: $50,000 each and a team of hot designers to completely transform their home in just five days.

At the end of each week a panel of Australia’s leading design experts will decide on the best transformation and then eliminate the designer who has done the worst.

I was browing around the before and after pics of the renovation ,, and I just love this bathroom that Jason done... He transformed this boring bathroom into a calm and beautiful space....  Humm,, and what a coincidence I was looking at some Delta fauctes   and getting some ideas when we built our new home... But how Jason made this is really amazing....

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  1. looove the show too and was also drumming up for jason as i like his style and concepts though as designers some of them were quite out of this world ... hope to see some stuff on your new house from the show :)