Friday, July 17, 2009

Get ready for Toy Sale

Its the time of the year again ,, as the Biggest TOY SALE  will be on this coming July  23..

The most awaited toy sale here in Oz where you can get big bargains and loads of toys on Sale...  I went online to check the catalouge and have a peek of the sale that will be on  next week...  I was browsing through the catalouge with my lil boy who was so excited looking at the toys..
 What caught his attention was the Play doh ice cream machine ,, and he was asking me for that,, the next item was the Ferrari remote car,, it was half price ,   not bad.....   Im just wondrin if it is an authorized Ferrari parts  .. anyway,, its a good looking car,, so it might end up on his wish list for Christmas....

Ahh for sure its gonna be a mayhem agin ,, like waht happened last year where there was a long line for the Lay by section....  People are hoarding toys !!!!!
anyway I'll keep you updated.


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