Monday, July 20, 2009

Buys week

Last week , it was really a chaotic week,, my boy B1 was sick then followed by B2 then it was my turn,, we all had headcahe and tummy bug, and a flu like syndrome,,, Thank Goodness , we are all feeling better,,, with the swine flu scare , and with reported  cases around South West Sydney,,, I have to be vigilant about it... Since its Winter here in Oz,, the winter bug is around and affecting anyone...
Now that Im feeling better I have so much stuff to do,,  I have to check out some brochures about life insurance  and find out with one has a better policy,,  

next,,, our house is still on the market and keeping the house always tidy is tiring,, 
Yup,,, with 3 kids at home since it's school holiday,, its a chaos around here,, So I have to be on top of things .. 

Last, I have to organize the box that I will send to the Philippines ,, mostly things that we are going to use in December and some Christmas gifts for my relatives...

Well,,, have to go and start organizing,,, or I'll be logging behind my schedule....

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