Friday, June 5, 2009


Busy as ever ,, but this time as the end of the financial year ,, there are plenty of stuff foe me to do ,,get insurance quotes for the business ,,  get my tax papers ready and how about visiting the end of financial year sale.. yup they are everywhere,, from the biggest chain store to a  small business ,, one thing for sure is to go around and look for things that are really bargain and worth the price,,, I try my hardest not to get in to the trap of buying because it on Sale,, impulse buyer,,, but its hard,, that is why I try to avoid going out to the shops this week.....

and to think that we are going to Hongkong in December ,,, I always say to myself that I can get the stuff cheaper in HongKong ,, so no more bags and shoes for me.....


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