Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lush House

I love watching this show.....!!!  I bought Shannon Lush book ages ago and started reading it,, but when the show started I began to follow the tips in the book....  and I was amazed that IT WORKS!!!!!   

 You catch her shows on Lifestyle Channel Monday   7:30 pm.... YOu 'll get hook on her show... 

Shannon Lush, is bringing her incredible knowledge,
unrivalled skills and eco-friendly cleaning to television.
A publishing sensation and radio star, Shannon is the author of
best-selling books Spotless, Speed Cleaning, Save and How to Be
Comfy (over one million sold in Australia alone).

In Lush House Shannon will combine her unique know-how with a mission
to instill domestic wellbeing and happiness – she wants nothing more than to
transform the homes of the nation.


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