Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Skin during winter

It's been a hectic week for me,, my lil girl was sick and I am not feeling 100% , there is a virus looming around.. Winter bug  they say,,,, we are now having cold mornings and chilly air,, winter will be here soon in Australia... and as we rug ourselves up , the cool air is making our skin dry and irritated,,, kids ezcyma is flaring again,, 

Even my face has dry spot and  and my eyes has starting to show some lines around my eyes...waa!!!!!!!!   I badly need a a good moisturizer and  an effective eye creams  to use ...
But with my body cream I love the Dove Body silk and I love it,,, its non greasy and leaves my skin soft and silky...
Found interesting tips to share to everyone....
The problem Dark circles and puffy eyes are signs of late nights. Also look out for small white bumps under the surface, called milia, which occur where the cheek meets the eye socket.
The reason
Chinese diagnostics suggest that the eyes are linked to the kidneys, so dehydration and toxin overload can lead to dark, puffy eyes. "The skin under your eyes is more delicate than the rest of the face and therefore should be treated accordingly," says Wendy Lewis. Choose a product with a light texture and avoid overloading the area, which can cause further puffiness. And be sure to remove make-up gently, avoiding oil-based products. "Oily cleansers leave a residue around the eyes that, when left to build up, blocks pores and can cause milia," says Sally Penford.

The solution
Aside from a good night's sleep, assist your eyes by choosing cream wisely. Lewis recommends tapping eye cream, lightly from the outer corner of the eye, along and underneath to the nose to help drain a build-up of fluids. Or try an eye cream that matches your current skincare regimen so the products work together without causing issues. 
 Avoid waterproof mascaras that need oil-based removers, too. "Milia that develop must not be squeezed," warns Penford. "Have them removed professionally or you risk damage." 


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