Saturday, May 30, 2009

I need extra memory

My eldest daughter is already on year 9 and she is constantly using her laptop... gone are the old days when I used to do my homework.. hand written notes and library research ,,, I remember the days that I type my projects using a Typewritter... yeah... those were the days my friend....!!!  

But nowadays people are using  laptop .....1st ... you can take it anywhere ... very convenient for research on the net and for doing all sort of stuff... aside from doing homework my daughter is packing it with downloaded songs  and files making her laptop memory    almost full....  that is why she is complaining ,, well , she has to de clutter and start  erasing unnecessary files.  Ive got an external hard drive and sometimes she transfers her file there...  But I reckon she need to add a bigger memory on her laptop.


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