Monday, May 25, 2009

Computer memory

Ive been feeling slack these past few days,,, after hoarding all the $ 1 dollars digi kits a few weeks ago during the National Scrapbooking Day my computer memory  is almost FULL to the max!!!!! so I havent visited the digi scrap book places for a while , just chilin out here ...

With all the kits that I purchased and the tons of freebies that overloaded me last time  my computer was overloaded..
Whooaa,,, good thing I have an external drive to place all my digi kits and believe me it is worth it !!!! So I downloaded all the stuff first then transfer it on my external hard drive..

There is plenty of space to use,, I bought mine a couple of years ago and now that I am into Digi scrapping ,, it is very handy,,, ! Ive  got 320 GB and there is still heaps of space .. and how about the 2 TB memory!!! that is huge!!!  That is why my sis jenL is contemplating of getting the 1 TB ,, she badly need it and I told her that it is such a good idea to have it for storage...

Humm,, I think I need to pay Ikeagodess a visit to get weekly freebies.... and start hoarding again....


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