Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Yen's Question of the Week#53

This is YEN's Question of the Week.....

I Love participating here so check it out...

1. Have you been good this week?
Nope!!!!!! I didnt go to mass during the Holy Week..... Naughty ME!!!!!!!!
2. Name some things you shouldn’t do in a hurry.
DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Very Dangerous I say

3. Name a sound that drives you nuts.
A WHOOPING cough!!!!!!!!! Hate that and I dont want my kids to catch it !!!!! since it gonna be Winter soon,,,, need an extra precautions on catching bugs and viruses....

4. When is the last time you bought fresh flowers?
Me???? cant remember but my Hubby just bought me bunch of Roses 2 weeks ago.... No occasion at all,,, and I told him it was such a pleasant surprise.....

5. Name the first thought that comes to your mind when I mention “Time”.
  We just had our time adjusted forward  here in NSW Australia,, so no more Daylight Saving,,, ,, So I have enough TIME in the mornings to get everyone ready.....

6. Is there something that you’re supposed to do on a daily basis, that you have not yet done today?
Hummm.. I forgot to put on my night cream last night,, so hopefully before the day ends I wont forget tonight so I wont miss anything today.... Thanks for reminding me....

7. Do you love finding trouble to get into?
Not really,, I  dont like trouble...

8. Which are you better at, remembering faces or names?
FACES,,,,, I think I'm a visual person ...

9. Can you see your home on Google’s Street View?
YUP!!!!!! That was taken during Christmas season must be 2 years ago... I still have my Christmas decors' ,we were not at home ,, our cars are not parked at the driveway....  Wanna see it???? ha ha ha

10. It’s official, I’ve become ___!      A Digi Scrapper!!!!!!!! and Im buying heaps of Digi Kits!!!!!! Im addicted and hoarding all the nice stufff!!!!!


  1. Yay! You're into digital scrapping now,Joy eh! It's a great hobby:) Have fun!

    Thanks for joining this week;)