Monday, April 27, 2009

Yellow Wiggles

Mellow Yellow Monday
We took the kids to the Wiggle Concert Going Bananas in our suburb and took a snap of the Yellow Wiggle SAM .. How about the yellow spots of Dorothy the Dinosaur????

YOU make me feel like dancing!!!!! Dancing, dancing dance the night away!!! Wooooo!!!


  1. LOL! What fun! I only learned of the Wiggles last year from my nephews :)

  2. Smiling, smiling and smiling even more! This pictures of the Wiggles reminds me of my own girls doing the same thing in their own time. And the Wiggles are really fantastic! Thanks for popping in!

  3. sorry for the typo ....these pictures. it's plural...grrrr...

  4. The Wiggles are really popular but I have no clue what they sing. They came to being after my son was grown.

    Great pics...:)

  5. Great photos... unfortuantely or maybe fortunately my son has never been a fan of the Wiggles... though I think they're very clever.

    wish I had of thought of the idea

    best wishes Ribbon

  6. The dinosaur looks adorable with yellow spots. Looks very entertaining and fun!


  7. What a great and imaginative MYM. I love the thought process for this pic. One of the best. My kids too are all to old for the wiggles, but I have g-kids coming up!