Sunday, April 5, 2009

Inspiring show

My hubby and I like to watch The biggest Loser Australia
The most significant change to the Biggest Loser in 2009 is the introduction of couples. This year we have 10 couples, 20 contestants in total, competing and being eliminated as a couple. The dynamics of the game completely change. We have mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, friends, brothers, sisters, work mates and in-laws. The added support of a loved one means increased confidence, fiercer competition, better results and much more game-playing.

From 20 contestants down to 8 now ,, the competition is getting tougher and harder and alliances are working... But it is amazing to see some of them losing  around 4.5 kilos in a week  ,, and losing every week... they don't even need  weight loss pills  for that... 
It just exercising , diet and a lot of self control !!!!!! It's inspiring to see them achieve their goals... Cant wait to see the finale and be amaze with the transformations of each contestants..


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