Saturday, March 28, 2009

Water in Feng shui

According to the world of Feng shui moving  WATER in the garden is an excellent Feng Shui.  Water encourages wildlife and brings a garden to life; it also refreshes the Ch'i (energy) and soothes the nerves.

ponds should be raised a=so that you can sit around the edge. and if it filled with goldfish it will encourage wealth. just make sure  it is kept clean and never allowed to stagnate or collect leaves , this can harm the aquaitic life and cause the energy to stagnate...

I met someone who can does Feng Shui and advice me to place a wall fountains  on the side of my house, I am not strong believer but I felt there is no harm in doing since I am not only making the empty spot appealing ,, I also love the sound of the tinkling water ...


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