Saturday, March 28, 2009

School Holiday soon

In two weeks time ,, its gonna be a school holiday here in Oz  and its time for spending a well earned short holiday for us...

So my hubby and I are searching for interesting things to do and places to visit  just around  here in Australia. 
We are thinking of staying in the city ,, there are plenty of stuff for kids to do , explore the city and just enjoy it ..

First thing we have to search for is a place to stay,,  boutique hotels  are nice ,, but I reckon its nice if you're just a couple ,, so the best  choice is a family hotel...  so the search is on..
We love spending time together being away and feel relax..
Although, there is one down side to it,,, we have a Saltwater Tank and we have to ask friends to go to our place to feed them and my precious little eel morning and night... Sometimes its hard to ask others to do it .. although they say its OK ,, we still feel guilty... Whaaaaaa!!!


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