Sunday, March 29, 2009

Need a TV stand

My son just celebrated his 6th birthday 2 weeks ago ,, and he got a surprise when we gave him a Wii for his birthday,,, he loves playing his games ,, he was a Playstation lover but since I wanted him to move about and play standing up and moving his body ,, I decided to give him a Wii and he is enjoying it...

When hubby upgraded his 42 inch plasma TV to a 50 inch Plasma ,, the old TV was stashed away in a corner ,,,since the kids have a small TV upstairs where they can play games ,, I decided that it was a waste for the TV to be placed in a corner without any use... So I have a coffee table and my eldest daughter and I placed the TV on top... 

I was checking  tv stands   at the shops the other day. I need one that have heaps of storage to place the games and some stuff ...

So here is the coffee table thats yelling out ,,, I'm a Coffee table not a TV stand!!!!!!


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