Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Boy's Birthday

My Boy is turning 6 tomorrow and as I look at him, I cant help but smile on how well he is doing now,.. He is in Kindergarten now and he is loving it..  He looks forward on going  to school every school day, and  he enjoys it ..

Last year , he loves socializing by going to a special Playgroup, and there we met a friend whose got a daughter with special needs  , the liltle girl seems to be doing well and walking effortless, like my boy she started Kindy too and as what her mom said ,, she is loving it too....
It sgood t know that most of my sons friends are all well, that is what we are hoping anyway... In Kindy , he started to make new friends and opened new experiences for him...

So tomorrow , we are going out for dinner with friends, no big party for him this year. Happy Birthday to my precious lil Man Braiden... all the best!!!!

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