Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift Card

My friend is going to celebrate her 40th birthday soon... So I am looking around for a perfect gift for her,, but she's the kind of person whose got almost everything,, its juts hard, I dont want to give her a dodgy gift ... Humm I am also considering of giving her a gift card and I have to choose , there are heaps of gift cards  to choose from depending on the store and amount.... but at least this is an easy option for me....  although it is not really personalized ,she can use it on whatever she wants to buy... Well... so I can cross that on my To Do list....
Next on my list is to organize my wardrobe again... Change of season and Bye Bye SUMMER for us here in Oz,,means the bulky clothes are out again from the Space Bag.... Humm,,Im not really excited with this one.... 
Humm,, maybe I'll skip this one and go to the next list....  let me see... Do the Garden....  whaa....  I'll go back to the wardrobe..... I dont like weeds!!!!!!

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