Monday, March 16, 2009

Coffee Break

Jan of Coffee break is back and her question was ....

How does one have a vavavoom body
this beach season?

Hummm,, its all in the attitude sis..... Just feel beautiful and sexy and things will fall into the right places...    
But if the healthy eating and good attitude fail you ,, then maybe its time to pop on those diet pills   ...

But, for me.... I will still stick to good habit and exercise..... Yeah,,, easy for me to say ,, but alot of hard work and strong will.... I MUST  I MUST I MUST........
 Few tips I snagged from Yahoo7 , might help a bit...

This aqua circuit supplies all the benefits of lap swimming, but without getting your head wet. Water provides about 15 times more resistance than doing the same moves on land, so it’s a great workout. Do it three times a week.

Start in the shallow end
Walk as fast as you can in the pool, within your depth, for three minutes. Catch your breath then begin wide sidestepping, leading with both legs, for two minutes.
TIP: Find it too easy? Introduce more speed and push harder.

Next, Make a splash!
Separate the following activities with two minutes of high knee lifts – you can walk or remain on the spot. End each circuit with three minutes of gentle walking.

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