Saturday, March 21, 2009

Autumn Update

Its been such a nice week ,, the temperature was just around 23-25 C , and it was such a beautiful Autumn week... So this morning we decide to go to Jamberoo a water park here in Oz,, It was perfect!!! we are also planning on a weekend away before the the weather change and autumn air turns cool..... So a Hunter Valley weekend would be nice. Hunter Valley where they make good wine...
The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and one of its most well-known wine regions. Here you will find world-class Hunter Valley Semillon that has been called “Australia’s unique gift to the world’, great Australian Shiraz that lasts for generations, and generations of family winemakers that are here to tell the tale.

Add to this a wide array of traditional and contemporary delights expected of a world famous wine region, as well as a myriad of surprises, a rich diversity of pursuits and people and you will find in Hunter Valley Wine Country one of the most vibrant and relaxing places to visit. There are also places where they feature their wine of the month  and have a free tasting... It's just a lovely place to visit and unwind...


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