Sunday, March 29, 2009

Need a TV stand

My son just celebrated his 6th birthday 2 weeks ago ,, and he got a surprise when we gave him a Wii for his birthday,,, he loves playing his games ,, he was a Playstation lover but since I wanted him to move about and play standing up and moving his body ,, I decided to give him a Wii and he is enjoying it...

When hubby upgraded his 42 inch plasma TV to a 50 inch Plasma ,, the old TV was stashed away in a corner ,,,since the kids have a small TV upstairs where they can play games ,, I decided that it was a waste for the TV to be placed in a corner without any use... So I have a coffee table and my eldest daughter and I placed the TV on top... 

I was checking  tv stands   at the shops the other day. I need one that have heaps of storage to place the games and some stuff ...

So here is the coffee table thats yelling out ,,, I'm a Coffee table not a TV stand!!!!!!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Water in Feng shui

According to the world of Feng shui moving  WATER in the garden is an excellent Feng Shui.  Water encourages wildlife and brings a garden to life; it also refreshes the Ch'i (energy) and soothes the nerves.

ponds should be raised a=so that you can sit around the edge. and if it filled with goldfish it will encourage wealth. just make sure  it is kept clean and never allowed to stagnate or collect leaves , this can harm the aquaitic life and cause the energy to stagnate...

I met someone who can does Feng Shui and advice me to place a wall fountains  on the side of my house, I am not strong believer but I felt there is no harm in doing since I am not only making the empty spot appealing ,, I also love the sound of the tinkling water ...

School Holiday soon

In two weeks time ,, its gonna be a school holiday here in Oz  and its time for spending a well earned short holiday for us...

So my hubby and I are searching for interesting things to do and places to visit  just around  here in Australia. 
We are thinking of staying in the city ,, there are plenty of stuff for kids to do , explore the city and just enjoy it ..

First thing we have to search for is a place to stay,,  boutique hotels  are nice ,, but I reckon its nice if you're just a couple ,, so the best  choice is a family hotel...  so the search is on..
We love spending time together being away and feel relax..
Although, there is one down side to it,,, we have a Saltwater Tank and we have to ask friends to go to our place to feed them and my precious little eel morning and night... Sometimes its hard to ask others to do it .. although they say its OK ,, we still feel guilty... Whaaaaaa!!!

Toy Hunt (Toy/s with Wings)

Hi there everyone,,
These are my entry for TOY HUNT which has a theme of TOY with wings

And this is the Littlest Pet Shop, one of B's collection of Pets

Li'l Miss B's fairy...

Enjoy your weekend and check out TOY HUNT site for more entries,,,,, here TOY HUNT

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Litratong Pinoy (sapatos)

Ang tema sa araw na ito ay SAPATOS!!!!!   Love ko ang sapatos kaya excited ako....  Although hindi naman ako ang tipo na bibili ng Manolo Blahnik na sapatos... Hindi ko kasi afford yon,,,  simple lang ang aking taste at tama lang sa budget ko....

Ang hilig ko sa sapatos ay namana ng aking bunso ,, mahilig din sya sa sapatos ,, kaya minsan nakita kosya na nagsusukat ng mga sapatos ko .....

January 12 (Mon)

Ito naman ang paborito kong lalagyan ng sapatos,,, gawa sya sa matibay na plastic at iba iba ang sukat nya ,,, meron din syang silica gel sa loob para ma absorb ang moisture ,, madali ko pati na makita ang laman ng kahon.......
Madaming nag komento sa lalagyan ko ng sapatos,,, rekomendado ko po ang lagyan na ito... Nabili ko to sa ALDI , nakalinutan ko na kung magkano pro di naman kamahalan at by pack of 5's yata yan... Meron din nabibili na lagayan minsan sa dollar shops Traget or Kmart kaya lang iba ang itsura hindi talagng clear na katulad ng sa ALDI,, meron ako dati nabili sa Target pero pinalitan ko ng sa ALDI dahil mas matibay at kitang kita talaga...  Tawag dio ay CLEAR shoe Boxes.....

Eto naman si Bunso na eksayted sa SALE ng sapatos.....

Bisitahin ang Litratong Pinoy para sa iba pangmga lahok,,,,,

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Foot Wear

Yupp.. My Ipanema by Gisele Bundchen was a good buy... It had been my fave foot wear last Summer,, I  must say that this is a good flip flops ,, it is very sturdy and comfortable aside from being stylish...

It was "in" here last Summer,,,and I must say it still looking good,, I can still wear this next Summer,, since it is Autumn here and for sure Winter , I'll be wearing my UGG boots  and I just love the feel of the sheepskin boots, it is comfy and will surely keep me my feet warm... 

Info about Ipanema
Ipanema is an endless white strip of sand in south Rio.

Home to the world's most beautiful people, it is the place to be seen in Brazil’s steaming mix of cool bars, hot clubs and bare beach culture. Latin rhythms and chilled bossa nova grooves are the soundtrack to the tropical days and the long hot nights.

This is the inspiration for Ipanema - Brazil’s favourite flip flops.

Ipanema is the choice of Brazilian goddess, supermodel and beach babe, Gisele Bundchen. She slips into her own range of beautiful Ipanemas to take her from beach to bar.

Only Ipanema flip flops are made from a unique buttersoft PVC suitable for vegetarians. Specialised moulding creates a sole that’s sublimely soft and guarantees you a perfectly padded underfoot. Industrial residues, painting residues, surplus PVC and the water used in production are 99% recycled. Whether you choose to stroll about all day, or only walk as far as the ice cream stall, you can be sure your feet will be in first-class comfort.

Cant wait for.....

I am getting excited because we are counting the days for our trip to the Philippines this coming December,, we are going to spend our Christmas there and its almost 9 years when I left . 

So this time we are going to take my kids so that my family back there can see them....

We are flying Cathay Pacific and we are spending 4 days in HongKong...!!! we are booked to stay in Hollywood Hotel, hoping that it would have a luxury hotel rooms     but for sure the kids are going  to enjoy Disneyland and other tourist spots in Hong Kong.. 
I am also looking forward to go on a shopping spree!!!!! So as of now we are planning our itinerary so we can make the most out of it..
We are also going to meet my sister and her family who are based in  Saudi in Hongkong and my Mom and my other sis and nephew,, then on Christmas eve , we go and travel to the Philippines... I am looking forward for a grand Christmas !!!!Wohhooo....

Yellow FUN


We went to Jamberoo Action Park last Saturday and I took a snap of the Lifeguard who was wearing a bright yellow shirt ..

It was such a perfect day last Saturday ,, a Nice day to be out and to have FUN 

Enjoying the warm Autumn day,, Have to enjoy the warm day before it starts getting cold.....

It was such a FUN weekend !!!! Visit the Mellow Yellow Monday for more posts.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Autumn Update

Its been such a nice week ,, the temperature was just around 23-25 C , and it was such a beautiful Autumn week... So this morning we decide to go to Jamberoo a water park here in Oz,, It was perfect!!! we are also planning on a weekend away before the the weather change and autumn air turns cool..... So a Hunter Valley weekend would be nice. Hunter Valley where they make good wine...
The Hunter Valley is Australia’s oldest and one of its most well-known wine regions. Here you will find world-class Hunter Valley Semillon that has been called “Australia’s unique gift to the world’, great Australian Shiraz that lasts for generations, and generations of family winemakers that are here to tell the tale.

Add to this a wide array of traditional and contemporary delights expected of a world famous wine region, as well as a myriad of surprises, a rich diversity of pursuits and people and you will find in Hunter Valley Wine Country one of the most vibrant and relaxing places to visit. There are also places where they feature their wine of the month  and have a free tasting... It's just a lovely place to visit and unwind...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Toy Hunt (Any Disney character toy)

This is Bianca's Disney Princess,, SNOW WHITE..
Snow White The film, the first animated feature ever, premiered on December 21, 1937, at the Carthay Circle Theater in Hollywood. so its been with us for a long time now,,, and kids nowadays are still Loving this Beautiful character ,, and how about the sven Dwarfs,, my fave is Dopey,,,,, hes' just cute .... what is your favourite Disney Character,, there are heaps of Disney characters  and they are mostly appealing to kids and even adults,, the amount of publicity and   even   custom promotional products that are available are enormous,, from a simple sticker to the most elaborate products.... But one thing for sure if it is from Disney it must be good....

Snow white

This is My Lil Snow White Bianca who loves to dress up and play with her Princess Dolls...
snow white
Come and see some more toys at TOY HUNT and join the fun....

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Litratong Pinoy (Paboritong Alahas)


Ang tema sa ngayon ay Paboritong Alahas..

Hummm.. medyo madami akong paborito unang una ang engagement ring na bigay sa kin ng aking esposo. 
Pero ang bago kong paborito ay aking micropave set na diamante na singsing at hikaw,, regalo sa akin ng aking esposo ang singsing nung Disyembre 2007 para sa ika pitong anibersaryo ng kasal namin,, at nung nakaraan na Disyembre 2008 ay regalo naman nya ang hikaw,, 
hummm,, ano naman kaya sa taon na ito???? madalas kong isuot ang alahas na ito kahit pang araw araw,, kasi sabi ng asawa ko kaya daw nya binigay ito sa kin para isuot ko at hindi lang nakatabi....

Medyo , galante lang po ang aking kabiyak at lumalabas sa kanya ang pag ka Italiano nya pag nagreregalo dahil pwede na po akong maging alahera ..  ha haha..
Bisitahin lang po ang Litratong Pinoy para masilip ang iba pang lahok

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Boy's Birthday

My Boy is turning 6 tomorrow and as I look at him, I cant help but smile on how well he is doing now,.. He is in Kindergarten now and he is loving it..  He looks forward on going  to school every school day, and  he enjoys it ..

Last year , he loves socializing by going to a special Playgroup, and there we met a friend whose got a daughter with special needs  , the liltle girl seems to be doing well and walking effortless, like my boy she started Kindy too and as what her mom said ,, she is loving it too....
It sgood t know that most of my sons friends are all well, that is what we are hoping anyway... In Kindy , he started to make new friends and opened new experiences for him...

So tomorrow , we are going out for dinner with friends, no big party for him this year. Happy Birthday to my precious lil Man Braiden... all the best!!!!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Need more memory

I've been doing the Photo a Day since the 1st of January and since then I took  thousand of pics already and sometimes  I have problems with too much pics,, so I have to transfer them or delete some of them,,, Yeah , I know,,, I need a bigger flash memory   ,, that is why, the other day when I was out shopping I was looking for some SD cards,, because I saw at the brochures that one of the Office Supply store is having a sale..  I need it badly , aside from doing my daily picture taking,, I also started doing Digital Scrapbooking and I have to take more pictures... 

Hay,, they are right when they say that photography is an expensive hobby....  But rigt now I  am enjoying every bit of it...

Coffee Break

Jan of Coffee break is back and her question was ....

How does one have a vavavoom body
this beach season?

Hummm,, its all in the attitude sis..... Just feel beautiful and sexy and things will fall into the right places...    
But if the healthy eating and good attitude fail you ,, then maybe its time to pop on those diet pills   ...

But, for me.... I will still stick to good habit and exercise..... Yeah,,, easy for me to say ,, but alot of hard work and strong will.... I MUST  I MUST I MUST........
 Few tips I snagged from Yahoo7 , might help a bit...

This aqua circuit supplies all the benefits of lap swimming, but without getting your head wet. Water provides about 15 times more resistance than doing the same moves on land, so it’s a great workout. Do it three times a week.

Start in the shallow end
Walk as fast as you can in the pool, within your depth, for three minutes. Catch your breath then begin wide sidestepping, leading with both legs, for two minutes.
TIP: Find it too easy? Introduce more speed and push harder.

Next, Make a splash!
Separate the following activities with two minutes of high knee lifts – you can walk or remain on the spot. End each circuit with three minutes of gentle walking.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Toy Hunt (Wild Animal Toy/s)

Here is my entry for TOY HUNT which is looking for a Wild animals

Well as you can see the wild boar and the hippo together,, how wild can you get...???

Just looking at those Hippos eyes and the trunks of the wild boar makes me scared,,, woooooo..

This is my boy's toy , which is a part of his animal toys.. I just decided to take a snap of these two WILD Beasties, instead of the whole collection,,, dunno why,,, ha ha ha..

Come and join the TOY HUNT ,, see some more toys here on WhenMomtalks 

Tips by David Koch

I like David Koch of Sunrise and he's got good tips about saving .... I just want to share this because I find this informative,,

 I guess I have to cut down on my splurging and unnecesary expenses,, oh well ,, I guess I should not be thinking about European trips , Singapore shopping or even an  Argentina travel
here are the tips....

David Koch says.....
There's been a lot of argy bargy in the press about whether we're in a recession or not. But really, it doesn't matter whether the official figures show we're in recession when it's clear we are experiencing a serious downturn.

There are heaps of steps you can take to reduce the impact of the economic downturn on your personal finances. It's important to take these steps now, because the sooner you swing into action to shore-up your own financial position, the less impact any eventual recession will have on your finances.

Step 1 - Reduce your debts

Many Australians should be knocking on their bank's door to make sure they are getting the best deal for their mortgage and other loans. If you don't ask, you don't get, so call up your bank manager and find out whether there's room to move on your mortgage terms.

To reduce your debts and debt re-payments, get rid of your credit cards (debit cards work just as well when you need to use a credit card to pay for something). Then, consolidate your credit card and personal loans into the one account. Shop around for the bank that will offer you the best interest rate.

Step 2 - Reduce any unnecessary expenses

First, the phone bill. If you can, make sure all the household's phones - landline and mobile - go on the one account because telecommunications carriers will often offer you a discount if you buy more than one of their services. Then, talk to three different carriers about the best deal they will offer you - making sure to let everyone know you're talking to other companies. You'll be amazed at the deals and extra's they'll offer you when they know they have to fight for your business.

Buy supermarket home brands and join a food co-op to save money on groceries. Car pool and encourage family members to walk or take public transport instead of using the car all the time. Even consider only owning one car if you have two and one isn't used very much.

Step 3 - Maximise your personal tax deductions

This year, be vigilant when claiming personal tax deductions such as education and home office expenses. Doing this will reduce your total tax liability so make sure you keep every receipt for everything you buy that is related to your work so you can maximise deductions this year. Don't forget to claim deductions for donations to charities as well.

Step 4 - Increase your income

It might seem tough in a recession to increase your income, but there are heaps of easy things you can do to add to the family coffers. For instance, is now the time to start that little business you've been thinking about? You might find that by the time the downturn is over, you've built it into a real little goer that can turn into your main source of income.

Another idea is to take a second job or do a little work on the side. It's easy to get a bit of babysitting or bar work a couple of evenings a week. You could also consider getting a bit of freelance work outside your regular work. If your job allows it, you could also volunteer for extra shifts and overtime.

Step 5 - Take advantage of government incentives

Many Australians will receive a payment of up to $900 from the Federal government in coming months. Think hard about how you could best spend this for the greatest benefit to yourself or your family. Perhaps do a little home renovation to increase the overall value of your property, or invest in a solar hot water system, which also attracts government rebates.

Whatever you do to recession-proof your personal finances, remember to act now. Doing something to alleviate financial strain will give you a sense of purpose, help strengthen your self esteem and should improve your financial position over time.  
 DAVID KOCH  excerpt from Yahoo 7

Sisterhood Award

Leah passed this tag to me and I thank her ,, she said she's been busy and I say,, I'm also  busy too ,, but I really appreciate this one and I  found time to do this  ... Its a pleasure my dear Leah....

Aside from doing online shopping,,, which of course takes too much of my time, just browsing for sale  and other special items, I am also blog hopping, dropping EC and digi scrapping ....
Anyways,, here are the rules   for the Sisterhood Award

1. Put the logo on your blog or post.
2. Nominate at least 10 blogs which show great Attitude and/or Gratitude!
3. Be sure to link to your nominees within your post.
4. Let them know that they have received this award by commenting on their blog.
5. Share the love and link to this post and to the person from whom you received your award.

I pass this tag to JenL, Jac, Amor , Faye, Jane , Geng , Jody, Lou, Mira, Shiela....

Camden Show

Its this time of the year again to Celebrate the Camden Show for 2009... It is going to be 123rd Annual Show on March 27 Friday and Saturday March 28, 2009.

The Camden showis a showcase of excellence in Agriculture and with animal exhibits, it showcases what the Sydney basin has to offer. The show has something for all tastes and budgets... words by Jason Sharpe (Camden Show ambassador ).

For sure we will be there to join the fun,, there are heaps of activities to watch and do... from arts crafts, cookery needlework, flora display , entertainment, animal, we also want to watch Horse Events , were champion horses and riders compete to see who's the best... seeing those majestic horses and fine riders compete is a thrill,,, 

They also have the Rodeo  show, dog show and much much more........ Definitely a MUST SEE ...

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Gift Card

My friend is going to celebrate her 40th birthday soon... So I am looking around for a perfect gift for her,, but she's the kind of person whose got almost everything,, its juts hard, I dont want to give her a dodgy gift ... Humm I am also considering of giving her a gift card and I have to choose , there are heaps of gift cards  to choose from depending on the store and amount.... but at least this is an easy option for me....  although it is not really personalized ,she can use it on whatever she wants to buy... Well... so I can cross that on my To Do list....

Next on my list is to organize my wardrobe again... Change of season and Bye Bye SUMMER for us here in Oz,,means the bulky clothes are out again from the Space Bag.... Humm,,Im not really excited with this one.... 
Humm,, maybe I'll skip this one and go to the next list....  let me see... Do the Garden....  whaa....  I'll go back to the wardrobe..... I dont like weeds!!!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Busy weekend


G'Day everyone... Its Monday again and time for my Weekend Snapshot and Mellow Yellow Monday..
It has been a good weekend for us.....
The weather was fine and the kids are all happy to spend a nice weekend,, Weekend for us means Family Bonding Time..
Let me start at Home,, before we went out the children had a play in the backyard,, as I said it was a lovely day to play...  As you can see the YELLOW SLIDE...
Then afterwards we took them to The WIZARD of OZ Play centre, where Bianca stucked her head out in the Lion ,, A bit of YELLOW there ....
And Braiden's turn at the Scarecrow,, with YELLOW  coloured hay
Put Put / Golf time for them too... see the YELLOW ?
After playing in the Centre ,, we headed out and I thought that was it but hubby said to take them next door where they can play BOWLING......   And Lucky for us ,, we've got a YELLOW Bowling ball!!!
7 pm when we finished and off we went to our fave restaurant Black Stump for dinner,, Hey I can see YELLOW ... Yellow chips and ice tea.......

Our weekend was fabulous with vibrant YELLOW everywhere!!!!!

Have a great week everyone!!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Autumn is here in OZ!!!!!! Wha!!!!  Good Bye SUMMER!!!!! I love Summer and I enjoyed this years Summer ,,going on  holiday and enjoying the Oz sunshine... But I know I have to embrace the Autumn.... while I dreaded for the coming Winter... ohh,, stop my whinging...  

As the night is getting cooler,, and the Autumn breeze is getting crispier ,, my wardrobe is also changing... from sleeveless to long sleeves...  But I know that Autumn brings delight by showcasing beautiful autumn colour.... 

One more glimpse of the Summer that was....Beautiful babes... Beautiful Waves...
Golden Tan , Golden hair..... Oh.... Summer ..

Now here I am ,, in my PJs enjoying a cool night,watching after my bid on online auctions and surfing!!! Surfing the net.... that is......

Friday, March 6, 2009

TOY HUNT (Yellow Toy/s)

My Toy Hunt for this week is the Yellow Toy of Tanner (Barbie's Dog) as you can see Tanner have a Teddy bear and a yellow bone .....
These are the toys that my Lil girl received on her birthday last month....
You can see more TOYs in TOY HUNT site here....Whenmomtalks

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yellow beauties

My Mellow yellow Monday post features Yellow beauties which I captured when we visited the Floriade at Canberra Australia last October..
I love the wonderful display of different coloured tulips and other flowers...

Yellow Tulip

I am so fond of Poppies........ and cant help but admire this yellow Poppy....

Bee on Poppy


May your Monday be bright and full of good surprises,, have a nice day everyone!!!!!

Invisible Shield for my Iphone

This is how I protect my Iphone from scratches and dirt... I searched for the best Screen protector and I chanced upon the Invisible shield.. I used to have a bulky case protector,, But I was still a bit panicky about it whenever I put my Iphone in my bag... so I used an Invisible shield and i was happy with it... No more worries about scratching it,, it is clear and tough,, although it was a bit tricky to apply ,but I managed really well... this is not a paid review and Im just giving my personal review on this product that I tried...
The invisibleSHIELD™ is available for nearly every gadget, including iPods, Cell Phones, Digital Cameras, GPS systems, Laptops, Gaming Consoles, and various MP3 players.

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