Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Upsize the TV

Men and TV are compatible... yeah,, my hubby who loves the remote and a bottle of beer on the other hand decided to upsize our TV... First of all we have a good TV a 42 inch Plasma TV Hitachi , but one day out of the blue , when we were out at the shops ,, there behold a 50 inch Plasma Samsung caught his eyes,,, it didnt take long for him to make up his mind about buying that..

No need to argue,, that is juts the little pleasure he have in his life,,, It is a good TV and we enjoy watching, but the poor 42 inch is just stashed away in a corner,, 
I laways kept on reminding him to take it upstairs, before, he was thinking of briging the TV to his workplace, but then he changed his mind, he said ,he will take it upstairs for the kids to watch on,,  but yeah ,, my hubby who have an "Im gonna syndrome"  hasnt done it yet,, If only I can just carry it myself I'll do it ,, but its too heavy for me,,, and the next probem is the tv stand upstairs is not suitable for this TV ,,, so I guess I have to wait a little bit more till we can arrange a stand for it...


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