Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sony Vaio

Ages ago I posted about my Sony VAIO .. I am not 100 percent happy with it so  I switched to MAC ,,, and I cannot connect my Sony  wirelessly , but after having it fixed,, it is now connected, so instead of being useless ,, my children are using this one to play games  like Nick Jr and Looneytunes,, keep the kids occupied while I m blogging or checking mails..

My boy , is quite good at it and knows how to operate the lappy..  I am just curious about video cards  ,, I heard about it , but I dont know about how it works... So I might ask my sis JenL about it...
So here is my boy, while busy trying to master a Wow wow Buzzly games that he loves to play in Nick Jr,.. and of course, when he is finish playing , my youngest daughter's turn and she likes playing Dora games.


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