Friday, February 6, 2009

Shoe shopping

My youngest daughter and I had a Mommy moments  , by doing what I like best Shopping....  and one of the thing that I like is Shoe shopping.. I took my little girl to Target and behold a Shoe clearance!!!  wohooo!!! half price.. So when we went to the shoe aisle , I just showed her which aisle she can only choose what to buy,,, well of course only the ones on sale,,,  Most of them are summer shoes because target are changing their display into winter shoes...

So my little help herself , delighted to see all the shoes on display, what caught her attention is this Dora shoes , the regular price is $ 21 and as you can see the red sticker next to the price for the barcode scanner   it is down to  $12..  not bad.... 
My daughter is a Dora fanatic,,, but guess what we didnt end up buying that shoes , because she found something that is sparkly and red... she wanted something different and much cheaper,, hey who can argue with that,,, so I just quickly grabbed it and off we went ,, she might ask for more....


Mommy Reads February 7, 2009 at 3:35 AM  

I remember when I used to shop for shoes for my little girl. She loves pink and purple then. Now it's black and blue.

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