Saturday, January 10, 2009

Toy Hunt (Small Toy/s)

This week's TOY HUNT is all about Small Toy/s....

And I was searching with it and there it was  The Little People , which Braiden and Bianca love playing with ,, they've got a  Preschool Little people and  Farm Little people...
We dont have a tiny toys lying around,,, well have to be careful with them because small toys and small kids don't go together... Small Toys are potential hazards for kids,,,
So Little People are ok...

Come and join us and check others on TOY HUNT...


  1. At first glance I thought it was Block Buddies.

  2. nice you posted about the hazards of small toys :)

  3. Ive never seen these before - they're very cute.

  4. they're cute and very colourful too :-)

  5. These little people are so cute and colorful! :)

  6. As always, another cute toy.

    I also don't let the princess play with small toys. When she gets them as gifts, we immediately hide them from her as soon as possible. We keep them as future toys.

  7. Very cute! Mia's got the Noah's Ark but I don't know where it is na. :( I guess something's got to slip away when transferring houses.

    Ayan na LSS ako sa theme song nila... Little People, with great big hands, Little People... :D