Friday, January 23, 2009

Photo a Day

Last time I was speaking with my sister JenL she told me about Photo a Day and encouraged me to do ... I find it interesting since I like taking Photos,,, I think it is a good idea becase it is a photo diary of things that happened on a day.. So I jumped in the band wagon and placed my photos in Flickr .. I'm back to work and I dont take my DSLR with me, that is where my Iphone gets handy, it takes good photos and I just bluetooth the pics straight in Imac. Anyway , you can take a glimpse of my photos  on the left hand side of the screen..

I also saw my sis JenL's Photo a Day and what caught my eye was a pic of their new siamese cat named Bell which is really cute... and I told my sis that the cat looks really pampered and for sure complete with cat supplies . I also told her that when we go on a holiday there in December we have to be cautious because my son is allergic to cats , whenever he gets in contact with the cat he gets hives, runny nose, watery eyes and gets really itchy... Too bad we cant cuddle the cute cat... But better save than sorry...

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