Friday, January 23, 2009

Our Holiday..

When  went on a holiday we flew to Qld and rented a car, so we can do sight seeing. We brought our GPS  with us so that it will be easy to navigate around the area and be a hassle free travel...
It was good going around the area and visiting the tourist spots, we just couldnt stay all day at the resort, we wanted to take the kids out to enjoy the view and the place.

Although the weather was really humid , we managed to keep ourselves cool , we applied heaps of suncreen and I never forget to remind the kids on wearing their hats and sunglasses.

The highlight of our trip was when we went to visit the Australia Zoo , owned by the late Steve Irwin ( the Crocodile Hunter from the Animal Planet). Steve's wife Terri and kids are there to do the crocodile show feeding , although it would be so much exciting if Steve is still around but we just admire his work on wild life conservation and environmetalism , which is widely supported by his peers at the Australia Zoo..
I will post some pics of our Summer Holiday soon..



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