Friday, January 9, 2009

My Holiday Fave Five

This is my first entry to Fridays Fave Five

These are my Fave things this week!!!!

1.  A Plane ride .... I love riding airplanes,,, To me riding an airplane means going on a special place. seeing new things and new place and exploring!!!

2.MY TRIPP luggage,, This is a very sturdy luggage,, It is light weight and have heaps of space.. We always bring this luggage with us during long travel trips....I tied a RED  ribbon on the handle , so its easy for me to recognize it...Especially when collecting the luggage at the airport.

3. NINTENDO DS which we gave our kids for Christmas!!! It kept our kids occupied and my Hubby and I enjoyed playing with these too,, when the kids are asleep we play with their DS we even play against each other... 
5.My invisible ZINC... I love using this because it is non greasy and I really need a Suncreen because of the Harsh Australian weather... made in Australia

Broad- brimmed HATS!! I always make sure the kids and especially my hubby is wearing one..

Although we love going on a holiday ,,, I love going back home after a long holiday... I Like The smell of my house after coming back from a long trip.... Ha,,,,, Home sweet  HOME!!!!!! Back to blogging!!!!


Susanne January 10, 2009 at 1:23 PM  

Hello Joy and welcome to Fave Five. So nice to meet you.

It's hard to imagine it being summer there and you guys being on summer holidays when I'm staring at so much snow right now. Great fives list! Hope to see you next week!

Willow January 10, 2009 at 5:37 PM  

Hi Joy, Welcome to Fave Five!

I use sunscreen even in the winter.

I used to live on the island of New Guinea (Indo side), just north of you!

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