Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping kids occupied

School Holiday is almost finish,, Some kids are back to school , some are starting on February... Like my son B , who is starting  school , it would be a new environment for him,, as well for Joe and I , we are both apprehensive and agitated about it, but nonetheless we show a strong facade for our son . 
The house is still quiet because my eldest is at camp ,, so we are making the best of it,,, because once she's back ,, back to normal chaotic life again.... Gosh,,,, I love that Girl!!!! ha ha ha
Anyway,,, blogging aside from the normal household chores keep me busy this week, and blogging at home with kids,, not a good combination,, whenever they see me with MACoy  , my IMac... they wanted to have a turn, so to keep them occupy while I finish some stuff, I let them have a turn on Micah's I book ,, which drive her nuts seeing the kids play with it,, anyway.. she's at camp , so the kids are enjoying fiddling with it...  I wonder if I can find a cheap Rackmount monitor  so there is something for the small ones to work on..   Especially my boy who is good with tech such a young age and knows how some stuff work..  But I was thinking what more can I give my kids??? they have all the gadgets  and love ....  
Yes...  I know,, ATTENTION and lots of them!!!!! so,,, have to go ,, have to play ball with the kids first....

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