Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day 2009

Yesterday ,, January 26, 2009 we celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY....

We went to the city to celebrate it  instead of taking our car we decide to take a train , knowing that we will have a hard time finding a parking and we are avoiding the traffic...
 It took us 1  hour and 30 minutes but my hubby and I were quite surprised and delighted that we took a train ride.. It was a hassle free trip for us...
When we arrived the city ,, it was jam packed.. people everywhere... relaxing at the park,, having pic nics,, people on the boat ,, some are socializing in a cafe / restaurant... Shows and music on the other side of the harbour and some events happening at the Botanic garden..
But most of all people are happy being out and show their true colours even though the weather is overcast and hot!!!!!!
 Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!!!



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