Saturday, January 31, 2009

What a Game!!!

Last night my husband and I were hooked on watching the Australian Open a match between Rafael Nadal and Fernando Verdasco, it was almost 1:00 am and they are still playing.. 

So I just went to bed leaving my hubby downstairs watching the match... It was almost 4 hour game at that time when I went to bed and it was still going... It was such a good match ,, The 2 Spaniards are really giving their best...
 And I checked out that the the game lasted 5 hours and 14 minutes... whew.. Imagine playing that long,, as I was watching last night I can see they are already exhausted and fatigue is evident, seeingthem play, makes me wonder how much more can they go??? Imagine the pain they will have after the match ,,they might even need a  shoulder pain pump

World No.1 Rafael Nadal entered the record books and his first Australian Open men's singles final after emerging triumphant from the longest match in the tournament's history.

Nadal advanced to Sunday night's final against Roger Federer with a five hour, 14 minute semi-final win over 14th seed Fernando Verdasco.

It took a five-set epic to separate the two Spaniards, who arm-wrestled from Friday evening into early Saturday morning on Rod Laver Arena before Nadal triumphed 6-7 (7-4) 6-4 7-6 (7-2) 6-7 (7-1) 6-4.

The match beat the previous longest Open encounter between Boris Becker and Italian Omar Camporese in 1991, a third round match which lasted five hours and 11 minutes.

Cruelly, this semi-final ended with a Verdasco double fault - a ill-fitting end to a classic.

Both players matched each other in intensity and shot-making throughout - the game turning on a handful of points.

Each dominated one tie-break and while errors, double faults and service breaks were few, winners were brilliant and plentiful.

Both players held serve throughout the fourth set to force yet another tie-break, before it was Verdasco's turn to dominate, reeling off five winners to win it 7-1 and force a deciding fifth set.

"I need to be proud of the tournament, the level I played tonight," Verdasco said.

"We both played unbelievable. In five sets he is one of the toughest players and I was there all the time. I will have this match with me for the rest of my life."

Nadal's victory sets up a dream final against Federer.

The two great rivals have fought out six of the past 11 grand slam finals, with Nadal holding a 4-2 edge over Federer in major deciders. source Yahoo 7 

TOY HUNT ( Farm Animal/s Toy)s

My TOY HUNT entry for Farm Animal Toys are Bianca's horses..

The 1st Big Horse is the toy that we won from a machine,, where you put a coin and try to scoop a toy ... It is such a cute Horse..
The next horse is the Little Pony which is riding a Pink scooter, with matching Pink helmet ,, it has a remote control and makes a noise... That was our gift for her last Christmas.
The 3rd Horse is from Bratz.... Look at the eyes...  Looks like a snobbish brat.....

Enjoy everyone and check some more TOY HUNTERS here 

Friday, January 30, 2009


Yeah,, we are experiencing a scorching Summer Heat here in Australia.. Although I was born and raised in the Philippines, and Im quite used to having a hot weather, I still find the Australian Heat.. non tolerable!!!! 

It just burn you from inside!! I feel like my bones are burning too,, ha ha ha..
And when a 43-45 C heat  is on,,,  oh men,,, its not really exhausting,, and makes me feel irritated.
 I just stay inside the house and keep  myself cool... I also think about my hubby whenever he works down the factory. The factory is juts like any other  steel buildings  and if  not well insulated or well ventilated it feels like you're in an oven... So whenever hubbys back from work I would always offer him a cold beverage, and make sure the aircon is on..

Melbourne is having a heatwave at the moment, last week we, Sydneysiders have experienced a high temperature , but good thing it is around 28 C at the moment, hope we wont  hit the high 40s C again....

Imagine also the tennis players who are playing at the Australian Open, which is at Melbourne ,, as I watched the game you can see the players soaking wet,,, they seemed like they are in a sauna..  I like watching Australian Open and I like Roger Federer to win the mens final!!! Go go go!!!

Melbourne is on track to break another weather record on Friday, with its temperature expected to reach 43C.

If this happens, it will be the first time since records began in 1855 that the city has had three consecutive days of temperatures above 43C.

Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Richard Carlyon said the weather was only slightly better than Thursday for firefighters with temperatures remaining high and it would be less windy.

However, the rain that firefighters desperately needed was still a long way off, he said.

Melbourne is experiencing its driest period since 1965 with 27 days without rain and there is none forecast in the immediate future.

The city's record dry spell occurred in 1955 when the city had 40 days without rain, the bureau said.

Ambulance Victoria will increase the number of ambulance units available on Friday to cope with the expected increase in the number of people affected by the heat.

On Thursday, the average daily work load more than doubled with 1,305 emergency cases.

Ambulance Victoria CEO Greg Sassella said the third day of the heatwave was expected to stretch its resources and called on the public to act responsibly in the heat and use medical services appropriately.
Source Yahoo7

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Keeping kids occupied

School Holiday is almost finish,, Some kids are back to school , some are starting on February... Like my son B , who is starting  school , it would be a new environment for him,, as well for Joe and I , we are both apprehensive and agitated about it, but nonetheless we show a strong facade for our son . 

The house is still quiet because my eldest is at camp ,, so we are making the best of it,,, because once she's back ,, back to normal chaotic life again.... Gosh,,,, I love that Girl!!!! ha ha ha
Anyway,,, blogging aside from the normal household chores keep me busy this week, and blogging at home with kids,, not a good combination,, whenever they see me with MACoy  , my IMac... they wanted to have a turn, so to keep them occupy while I finish some stuff, I let them have a turn on Micah's I book ,, which drive her nuts seeing the kids play with it,, anyway.. she's at camp , so the kids are enjoying fiddling with it...  I wonder if I can find a cheap Rackmount monitor  so there is something for the small ones to work on..   Especially my boy who is good with tech such a young age and knows how some stuff work..  But I was thinking what more can I give my kids??? they have all the gadgets  and love ....  
Yes...  I know,, ATTENTION and lots of them!!!!! so,,, have to go ,, have to play ball with the kids first....


A new Year and start of a new beginnings ,,  back from work and back to school for us.. I went back to work last week but this week ,, I stayed home,, mainly because Monday we had a Public Holiday ( Australia Day) and I have been busy preparing Braiden's school stuff,, he is starting Kindergarten this Friday.   

Then when he is settled then I'll be back to work.. actually I asked my boss  ( my hubby) to have a week off.,, and he is fine with it!!!!  I started going to work mid October last year, Joe said it would be good for me to know the "ins and outs" of our business, our secretary is patiently teaching me how things run , and I'm liking it... 
I might even take an   admin careers   courses to equip myself for the job...  The good thing about going to work is having Lunch date with my hubby!!!

Litratong Pinoy ( Lila/ Violet)

This week's theme for Litratong Pinoy is the colour Violet..

Eto ang paborito kong tagalinis sa bahay , Dyson Vacuum Cleaner na bigay sa akin ng aking esposo  3 taon na ang nakaraan.. Hiniling ko talaga sa kanya ang brand na ito kasi marami ang nagsasabi na magaling ito , at totoo nga , di katulad nung dati kung vacuum  na hindi na makahigop ng dumi.....

This is my fave cleaner at home ,, my Dyson Vacuum which was given to me by my hubby 3 years ago... Actually I requested for his vacuum because I heard that this is a good brand,, and true enough it is really good, unlike my old one that has a vacuum bag , "no loss of suction" as they promote it....

Eto pa ang isa kong paboritong tagalinis ,, ang aking kapatid na si JenL , na masipag na naglilinis , aba at naka Ipod ba si ate,, para ganahan mag vacuum,,, kuha ito nung nakaran taon nung sya ay bumisita dito para mamasyal at para maglinis!!!!! ha ha ha....

And this is my other Fave CLEANERat home!!!!! ha ha ha,, My sister JenL  who was happy vacuuming my carpet , while listening to an ipod ...

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Australia Day 2009

Yesterday ,, January 26, 2009 we celebrated AUSTRALIA DAY....

We went to the city to celebrate it  instead of taking our car we decide to take a train , knowing that we will have a hard time finding a parking and we are avoiding the traffic...
 It took us 1  hour and 30 minutes but my hubby and I were quite surprised and delighted that we took a train ride.. It was a hassle free trip for us...
When we arrived the city ,, it was jam packed.. people everywhere... relaxing at the park,, having pic nics,, people on the boat ,, some are socializing in a cafe / restaurant... Shows and music on the other side of the harbour and some events happening at the Botanic garden..
But most of all people are happy being out and show their true colours even though the weather is overcast and hot!!!!!!
 Aussie Aussie Oi oi oi!!!


Friday, January 23, 2009

TOY HUNT ( Round Toy/s)



This week's TOY HUNT is Round and whenI saw this round toys from my hubby's niece  one day to visit them.. The girls were happily playing on a special table , dunno if that was the newly bought coffee table that Auntie Monique bought from a discount furniture shop. 
Well.. back to the ROUND TOY which I took  a picture of .. 
This is the Beados

Beados are the new and improved craft craze to hit Australia. These bright, colourful beads
magically join together with water to create fun designs.
 no heat or messy glue is required,

The beads come with amazing template designs to help create fantastic characters and accessories, or even make your own designs.
I remember that Beados was used to be called Bindeez but it was taken out of the market because of some incidents concerning about the beads...
There have been no reports of illness linked to the products have found that a chemical coating on the beads, when digested in the body, metabolises into gamma hydroxy butyrate (GHB), which is also used as a recreational drug. So it was a big concern before ,, Now it is back with a new formula and a new name....

I know.. it is not safe for young kids to play with this... that is why I dont bother buying this for Bianca,, she just have to be contented playing with other safe toys instead... 
Recommended age for this toy is from 4 + as per written on the box...

Everyone is invited to join the fun at TOY HUNT ,,, so enjoy hunting !

Our Holiday..

When  went on a holiday we flew to Qld and rented a car, so we can do sight seeing. We brought our GPS  with us so that it will be easy to navigate around the area and be a hassle free travel...
It was good going around the area and visiting the tourist spots, we just couldnt stay all day at the resort, we wanted to take the kids out to enjoy the view and the place.

Although the weather was really humid , we managed to keep ourselves cool , we applied heaps of suncreen and I never forget to remind the kids on wearing their hats and sunglasses.

The highlight of our trip was when we went to visit the Australia Zoo , owned by the late Steve Irwin ( the Crocodile Hunter from the Animal Planet). Steve's wife Terri and kids are there to do the crocodile show feeding , although it would be so much exciting if Steve is still around but we just admire his work on wild life conservation and environmetalism , which is widely supported by his peers at the Australia Zoo..
I will post some pics of our Summer Holiday soon..


Photo a Day

Last time I was speaking with my sister JenL she told me about Photo a Day and encouraged me to do ... I find it interesting since I like taking Photos,,, I think it is a good idea becase it is a photo diary of things that happened on a day.. So I jumped in the band wagon and placed my photos in Flickr .. I'm back to work and I dont take my DSLR with me, that is where my Iphone gets handy, it takes good photos and I just bluetooth the pics straight in Imac. Anyway , you can take a glimpse of my photos  on the left hand side of the screen..

I also saw my sis JenL's Photo a Day and what caught my eye was a pic of their new siamese cat named Bell which is really cute... and I told my sis that the cat looks really pampered and for sure complete with cat supplies . I also told her that when we go on a holiday there in December we have to be cautious because my son is allergic to cats , whenever he gets in contact with the cat he gets hives, runny nose, watery eyes and gets really itchy... Too bad we cant cuddle the cute cat... But better save than sorry...

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Litratong Pinoy ( Kahel/ Orange)

Ito ang lahok ko ngayon araw ng Hwebes, sa Litratong Pinoy . Nakunan ko ito sa Canbrerra , paborito ko ang bulaklak na Poppy ,, katunawan meron akong mga larawan sa bahay na mga poppies...  marami syang kulay pero ang kulay kahel sa ito ang aking paborito...

This is my entry for this Thursday's Litratong Pinoy . I took a picture of this beautiful poppy flower when we went to Canberra. I lkie this flower and I even have some pictures/ painting of poppies at home. 
They have different colours but my favorite is colour ORANGE....

Bisitahin ang Litratong Pinoy para masilip ang iba pang mga lahok...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ruby in Macro

This is my Ruby Tuesday... I posted it late ,, I wasnt feeling the best yesterday that is why I  am late,, anyway enjoy everyone...




I just want to share to you my new Iphone that Joe gave me for Christmas,, and I'm loving it!!! I know there are some people who are not happy with Iphone but for me I do like it...
Remember that I poste on my blog that this is one of my Wish List for my Birthday or Christmas,,, I didnt get it on my birthday because hubby gave me a Macro lens (which I adore!!!!)) and when he gave this to me I was really surprised !!! 

He must have read my BLOG,,, so the trick is to announce to the whole blogging world what you wish to have,, you never know it may be granted... I thought I would be getting those talking watches but this one is better!!!
What I love about the Iphone is that I can check my web and emails through my phone since I have an Imac and my daughter have an Ibook ,, we have an Airport Extreme which is a wireless connection at home ,, so I dont have to go on the web using my Iphone service provider,,, save me money!!!  I also love the Iphone applications,, games and entertainment that I've downloaded ... I just love APPLE!!!!
Thanks Joe for all the surprises!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

My Macro Monday

Macro Monday hosted by Lisa , check out her site..

Last week, I posted a Macro pic of a Dandelion , the lens that I used as my Lensbaby, so I wanted to try how will come out if I use my Canon Macro EF 100 lens ... So one hot afternoon went to the backyard and start searching for dandelions but most of them are dry already ,, so off I went to my front yard and lucky enough to see 1 dandelion must be waiting for me to take a snap of.. LOL
Check out the my last week's post if you want to compare .


More macro ...As I was preparing for dinner the other day , , I was making a tabouleh and mixed bean salad, trying to eat healthy here... Just starting the year 2009 by eating sensibly...

Big Yellow Bird....

Hello everyone Its Mellow Yellow Monday again  hosted by Drowsey Monkey..

Go and visit her site to see more yellow pics....

My weeks Yellow entry is no other than Big Bird the big yellow bird!!!!

When we went to Sea World , we watch the Sesame Street and the kids enjoyed watching the characters danced and play along with the audience....

Sunday, January 18, 2009

My Fave this week

My Fave Five this week were
Biggest Loser Cook Book ,, After a big Holiday and eating big meals and lots of fats and calories my hubby and I  are motivated to trim down a bit ,, so I took out some Cookbooks out of the cupboard and there it was The Biggest Loser Cookbook... I was browsing through it and find some interesting recipes... Im just hoping we can keep it up ...I dont want to end up with excess calories and might end up taking  Leptorexin

I love this Bread it is B├╝rgen® Wholemeal & Seeds is a deliciously moist loaf of bread . Packed with natural goodness from mixed seeds and grains.  I am a White bread eater all my life and to taste this is really YUMM... So I am a converted wholemeal bread eater!!!!

Veggies and Fruits ,,, Preparing and eating more of it,, especially hubby who was never a big fan of veggies and fruits is now  eating sensibly!!!!
Wednesday was a hot scorching 42 C here in OZ.....!!!!! I took the kids to the shop early  in the morning and went back home to stay in an airconditioned room..
I placed my car under the shade of the tree infront of my house to keep it cool...
I usually park the car on the  driveway but it is way too hot ....and how about the garage??? hummm, we dont put our cars in the garage because we dont have a space for it... 

Dentist's Appointment... I had my tooth fixed and got my new CROWN.. Now I have a nice sparkling smile!!!!

Go on check Fridays Fave Five  by Sussane

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Im Feeling Blue Today ( Litratong Pinoy Blue/ Asul)

I'm back from my holiday  and I missed the Litratong Pinoy for almost 4 weeks ,, Anyway I'm making it up because I posted not only 1 Blue Pic but 7 Blue pics!!!!

Narito na ulit ako , kagagaling lang sa bakasyon , halos 4 na linggo na rin akong di nakasali ,, so hindi lang 1 and lahok ko kundi pitong larawan na kulay asul....

Yeah,,, I'm feeling BLUE today !!!!! Why because its too freaking hot!!!!!!  It almost 40 C heat here in Australia and the  hot scorching sun is BURNING!!!!!! Burn baby Burn!!!!!!

Hay ,,,  Pakiramdan ko na ASUL ang araw ko ngayon,, bakit kamo???? Pucha napaka init ngayon araw na ito .. mga 40C at ang init ng araw dito ay nakakapaso sa katawan.. Sunog balat ikanga!!!!!

All I wanna do today is to 
Swim in this BLUE Swimming Pool to keep myself refreshed!!!
Kaya ang gusto kong gawin ngayon araw ay magbabad sa Asul na swimming pool

Go on a sailing boat again and sail the cool blue waters of the WhitSunday Qld
Maglayag muli sa bangka  sa asul na dagat ng WhitSunday .
Take another HELICOPTER ride to see the famous Great barrier Reef with the view on top..
Sumakay muli sa Asul na Helikopter para makita ang pamosong Great Barrier Reef
Ride a Blue Kayak and just feel the wind and water ...
Sumakay sa Asul na kayak and maramdaman ang tubig at ihip ng hangin
Go on a Bike ride on this Cool Blue Harley Davidson of our friend
Umangkas sa likod ng  Magandang Asul na Harley Davidson  ng aking kaibigan.
Just chill out and sing and dance with one of the member of The Wiggles (Anthony) the Blue Wiggle).....
Sumabay sa kanta at sayaw ng isa sa miembro ng The Wiggles na si Anthony na Kulay Asul.
And just chill out and see the BLUE Australian Flag on the clear Blue Sky,,, getting ready for Australia Day on the 26th of January.....
Ang maghanda sa Australia day sa ika 26 ng Enero , at pagmasadan ang ASUL na bandila ..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ruby Library

This is my 1st entry to RUBY Tuesday ..

Presenting our Local Library!!!!!!

Isnt it amazing???? I love this place and it is so cool....!!! 
Its got a Youth Space and Children's space.. 
I visited the Library last month to borrow some books for some references...

Anyway,, You can never miss it because of the stunning glass artwork...

Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Golf

This was our Weekend Snapshots

We are busy doing stuff,, even though we just got back from our holiday .. we are out and about again..... We always make it a point to do  a family activity every weekend,,  its our family bonding and we love doing it... I haven't started posting our holiday pic but I'll do it soon...

On Saturday , we went out for a lunch to a Vietnamese restaurant... We find it interesting and my hubby and I just love the Beef Noodle soup.

Sunday we had   Yum Cha at Blakehurst .. Healthy and small portions of food and we enjoyed it then went to the  Golf Range to practice Golf . 
here is my Braiden who loves to play GOLF and daddy Joe supports him a lot .. Even Bianca and I had a turn ..

Heads down, nice swing and hit!!!!!!

Hummmm,, that was far!!!!!!!

Too Close

This is my second entry for the Macro Monday and I like joining here,, Although I am not a photographer , when hubby bought me a DSLR I just like taking pics and experiment with it; and by I am willing to learn and open for more tips and suggestions about photography..

I also love Lisa's site because she takes good photos and it inspires me a lot ,, so check her MACRO MONDAY here...

I used a Baby lens with macro lens on this one.... I rarely use my baby lens but I'm not 100% satisfied with the macro shots ,, well you know that Baby lens have this blurry edges  that is why it looks like this... Anyway I  think I need to read and practice more about using my LensBaby ...

Since I really wanted a good Macro Lens my hubby bought me a Canon EF 100mm f/ 2.8  last month and this is my fave lens at the moment.. although its a bit heavy I still like using it ,, and I can see that I need more practice and patience.... 

 Any TIPS on using this lens.... I'm very open to any suggestions....

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Yellow Signs

My 1st entry to Mellow yellow by Drowsey Monkey check out here site here..

I love this sign it is unique and Funny,, I took this pic when we visited the Taronga Zoo.. Actually there are real  chooks (chicken) who are crossing the line.... It was really CUTE
This sign is on the way to my kids Playgroup .. so we have to be cautious and look around if there are Ducks and turtle crossing.... The kids love this sign too...

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