Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back home

Hay,, I'm back!!! Been inactive for awhile because we are on holiday and we are staying here in Mum's place in the Philippines,, We arrived here lat December 24 after spending 3 days in HongKong, we celebrated Christmas here and it was a blast ,,, so much different from the way we celebrate in Oz,, my kids are in awe , with all the things that are happening around them ,, although it is very noisy and hot ,,the kids are still enjoying ,, playing with their cousins and getting all the attention...
My hubby and I are extra careful with them especially with the water that they drink, we don't want them to get sick or have a tummy bug , it's hard to get sick in a foreign land ,, unlike there in our place we have a health insurance same as the North Carolina health insurance ,, but I guess prevention is the best solution .... and we dont want to ruin our holidays since we still have 2 more weeks to go !!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Getting excited ....

I've got 3 more days and off we go on our holiday overseas... I was cramming the whole time...

I guess I wasn't as organised as I thought I am,,, 1st and fore most we did not have our travel injection , we were meant to have our needles done,, I've already seen the doctor and was already given a script to buy the medication, but the last few weeks we were sick,, Braiden had a flu first then me and the Mic,, so we decided not get the injection , knowing that it is not safe to get it while we are sick,,, I am just praying and hoping that everything will be fine while we are on holiday .. we have a health insurance leads here at home, but when we go overseas it will be a different story .. but we do have a travel insurance which includes a medical insurance,, anyway,, hoping for a safe trip and a fun holiday..... Cheers to all!!!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009


As the days pass by I cant get help but feel excited for my kiddies!!!!!!

We are going to HK Disney,, this would be my kids first travel overseas ; my hubby and I are going to find out if the kids are really good traveling far,,, for sure they will enjoy Disney HK and if they pass the test next year we will go to Orlando Florida for a Great orlando vacations ,, I heard that the Disney Florida is amazing and we would love to visit that place too....

We always visit the website to show the kids all the fun things to do in Disney and they are all in awe with all the great attractions . But dunno if we want to visit during the peak season,,

But for now we are getting hyped up with the fact that 7 days from now , we are off on a holiday,,
have a good Christmas everyone!!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Good year

AS the end of year is fast approaching ,, we are all eager to go on a much awaited holiday,,,  our business will be close on the Christmas season and will resume on the 14th of January, although I sometimes go to the factory  to help our secretary do some filing and much needed paper work, she is quite effective with her work even though we don't have an industrial computer  , she can still manage her work. She is well trusted and shows dedication to her work,, that is why Im thankful for her...   Another year will come and I am just hoping that the year 2010 would be GREAT not only for us but for the whole industry...  We had beaten the recession and we only hope that there is no more hardship coming...  So to all those who supported us thank you and all the best!!!!!

Monday, November 30, 2009

Counting the days

As the days go hot here in Oz,, on the other side of the world it is getting cold..  We have no Snow on Christmas, no white Christmas,, but we have a Santa that enjoys the beach during Christmas,,,  I would rather have a warm Christmas than a freezing one... Although I like snow,, we went on a ski vacation  before;  but it was just to much with all the winter gear and it was such an effort walking around..

But this year it would be a different Christmas for my kids because we are going to celebrate it in the Philippines,,, way different from how to celebrate it,, it would be FUN and they would surely enjoy the festivities,, my Hubby and I are looking forward to it...  Enjoy everyone and be safe.....

Saturday, November 28, 2009


I had a birthday lunch the other day with my girlfriends and we  always have good times and good conversation every time we are together,,, issues about Religion,, school, politics , motherhood and travel are among our favourite topics,,,

We all love to travel and we are talking about when we turn senior citizens we would love to travel around Australia, my friend wanted to go on a motorbike , I myself wanted to go on a campervan or Motorhome with hubby ,, I think it is a lot safer than motorbike and more convenient and we can bring our equipments with us ,, we can also get a motorhome warrantyy so assuring us of a good insurance...

But whatever way we wanted to travel ,, I just hope that we can live that dream and enjoy the rest of our lives ,, having fun and and as well as relaxing....



The cost of living is getting high ,, as some new laws are being implemented and taxes are getting higher,, we cant help but complain about it... But how about the Health System,,??/ it is also getting worse, as we need more health care professionals and the doors are open for qualified overseas professionals , we can only hope that it would be filled up to cope with the growing needs of our society..  There are also Private health funds and the Medicare ,, some are also offering Medicare supplement  in the US dunno if we have that here in Oz .... one of the services that is expensive is the Dental ,which is so costly ,,, that is why I am contemplating in getting a private health fund that covers the dental ...

Talking about health ,, we need to have our needles done before we travel,, that includes the H1N1 (Swine flu) and Typhoid injections, Hepa A and B injections ,, the Swine Flu injection is free but the rest are not,, we are 5 in the family and for sure it will cost a lot,, anyway,, better safe than sorry......

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Took my youngest daughter to her orientation for Kindergarten on January 2010,,, wwwhoo,, how time flies and my lil one is going to Kindy and I will be left here alone at home!!!!!! Waaahhhh  or YIPPEEEE!!!!!!!!!     More time for myself or more time for shopping or blogging!!!!!

My lil pea loves to go to big school and cant wait for next year,, so excited to go to BIG school and made her hate Preschool,, pre school are for lil ones she said as I dropped her off the other day...  With tears streaming down her cheeks I try to pacify her ,, come on honey,,, wont be long and you will soon graduate from Pre school ,,, yeah if the pre school will let her graduate!! 

Grrrr,, I am having an issue with here pre school at the moment and I am fuming !!! I am thinking of  getting the service of Oklahoma City lawyers
  ,,,, ooopps   I cant!!!! Im in Sydney,, he he... anyway,, Dont want to talk about the details.... 

Anyway,, I will surely pull her out of this pre school after the said occasion ,, juts keep her at home during the Holiday season with me before she starts school next year...

Well,, have a good day!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


I was never into Twilight ,, my teenage daughter loves it!!! But a month ago I watched the movie Twilight,,,, yeah you might think where on earth  have I've been,,,???  anyway,,, I watched the movie and I liked it ....It was never too late to get into Twilight groove,,, 

so I was  waiting for the next series,,  when New Moon came out,, I went to watched the movie with my daughter,, but during the movie I was asking about names of the character,, anyway ,, now I know who they are ,, ha  ha ha .. 

What caught my attention where the cars that were featured in the movie ,,, in Twilight love all the Cullen's cars ,, its like a promotion ....

They have Volvo , Porsche, mercedes, BMW  they are all good looking cars!!!!! well ,, of course aside from good looking characters ....

As my daughter was busy checking out Jacob's body I was admiring Alice's Porsche!!!!!! Weird???!!!!!

But hey,, where's the Ferrari??? I heard that they would have a Bella "after" car ,, dunno what it meant by "after" car,,, I guess I have to read the book or might as well wait for the movie ,, cant wait to see the car and must have an awesome Ferrari parts   ...

I was checking out the rides!!!!!   How about you???

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Counting the days

Its a time for Holiday and we havent started with our holiday , my hubby and I are talking about doing another  trip .  We are saying we would like to have a new york vacations  or an Italian holiday,,, it all depends on how good the kids are traveling overseas  and not to forget the budget!!!!

But, it is free to dream and better off dreaming big!!!! Anyway,, it wont be long and we are off on a holiday ,, I needed to book an appointment to our doctor for our travel injection , I still need to buy one more luggage and I would start sorting our clothes to be packed away, This would be my children's first travel overseas ,, I know that they are going t have a culture shock but for sure they will enjoy it!!! 

This year ,, no Christmas decor for me,,, whilst I love Christmas and I love decorating our Christmas tree , I would miss the excitement of decorating it ,, my boy was so eager to have the tree up ,, but I just have to tell him that we will not decorate it this year,,,, so sad ,,,   anyway,, I am hoping that we are going to have a FUN Christmas this year!!!! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Getting Hot

Soon it will be Summer Time here in Oz, but the other day it was evident that summer is coming too quick... We had a 36 scorching  heat the other day !!!!   Too hot that I decided to just go to the mall and keep myself cool.....  and walking around seeing all the Summer collection out already ,, 

It is so tempting to buy a sexy dress for summer, but I need to find a flattering outfit that will camouflage my belly fat  and accentuate my shoulders,,, well I think that my shoulders are my best asset,, at least I have one ,, he he he...

Anyway, aside from eating healthy foods ,, I bulked on Vegetables, fruits and legumes ,, I also make it a point to do a 30 minute workout using my Wii Fitness and Wii Active,,, I enjoy doing it, I can do it anytime of the day in the comfort of my own home,, aside from that my kids also join me while I do my exercise ,, its good for them too,,, I lost 3 kilos already and I am determined to continue and tone up my body , getting ready for my holiday and Summer FUN!!!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thinking of what to give

It wont long now and the air of Christmas is coming.. The shopping malls are already decorated and Christmas parties and functions are being booked,,, Christmas sale and other special are being promoted,, Some Aussie would say its too early !!!!! but for me its totally fine,, In my native country, once the "BER" months  started Christmas decors are up !!!I love Christmas it s my favourite holiday !!! I like decorating the Christmas tree and wrapping gifts.... Speaking of Gifts , I am finding a best gift for Braiden,,,  he loves to play computer games and PlayStation 2 , last time when  we went to the shops there was a demo on PlayStation 3   and he tried it ,,, he enjoyed it and asked me to get it for him...

My hubby and I are tossing between PlayStation Portable or playstation 3  , that is why we are researching for it and checking with one is the best , but I reckon whatever we decided to get for him ,, he will enjoy and appreciate it anyway...


I am motivated!!!!!! yeah  ,, I must I must I Must....  That is my saying at the moment... 

I badly needed to loose a few pounds....  I've been wanting to do it and I've been very slack ,, but now I have a good reason to loose weight... That is our upcoming holiday ,, This would be my 1st time to go back to my hometown after 8 years,, and during that time I put on weight,, I want to go back home and surprise my family and friends , I wanted to look fabulous and put on my nice clothes on...

It's not only me whose doing it,,, my hubby and my 15 year old daughter are also joining in...
So, when the 1st day of November started ,, we made a pact to eat HEALTHY and do exercises ,,

We are on our 11th day now and we are ecstatic about the result ...  No More JUNK Take away food; no more softdrinks; no more fattening food...
We bulked on Vegetables,  Fish , lean meat , fruits and just drink water..  Straight away , we noticed a big difference  and we are hoping to shred few more pounds.....

My Wii Fit is m best friend at the moment ,,, I make it apoint to exercise everyday and Im having FUN with it......I dont think I need to go to weight loss austin   anymore...  Juts stay home and use my Wii fit

Monday, November 9, 2009

Business alarm

As we get ourselves organize during the holiday season,,,  my hubby is also getting the factory ready for the holiday rush ,, he already allocated the work that's need to be done on December , we have a benchtop business and during December that is when the business is booming... That's good and we are  eager to go on our much anticipated holiday.... So the factory will be closed for 4 weeks and we are relying on our Security Alarm System monitoring to make sure that the business is properly monitored..  We have no problems with our business alarms and they are doing a good job... What we like about having a security alarm is that whenever there is a problem they are quick to respond and they always get in touch with my hubby to confirm , one time the alarm went off and it was already midnight ,, they called us and informed us about it,, security people were  dispatched and good thing it was a false alarm.... they have  a 24 hour service by trained professionals..
It is such a relief to know that there is someone who can rely on to, especially when you have a business ,, it is a MUST to have business alarms 
 Through these monitoring centers, my  business can access a full range of advanced security solutions, including electronic access control, fire and life safety, intrusion detection, critical conditions (flood, temperature) and security management (guard tours, remote video management, video/alarm verification). 
So we are have no complaints at all and we have a peace of mind knowing  our business is being monitored .....  Day and night......

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Travel Time

Time flies and 6 weeks from now we are going on our long awaited holiday..  Its been 8 years since I last visited my homeland the Philippines and I am excited to take the kids with me ,, we are going to Hong Kong first for 4 days , just to take the kids to HK Disneyland and do some shopping,, I am eager to start packing my stuff,, but I noticed that I needed one more luggage, since we are going on a long holiday and shopping trip in HongKong ,, and when I think of luggage the first thing that comes in my mind is Samsonite luggage   ,, its been here for ages and they have a special on luggage,, what I like about it is  easy to  manoeuvre,, light weight,, hey we don't want  it to be bulky and heavy,,, ,, good size and heaps of storage , functional and  must have a good security of course!!!

So I found one that I really liked The Samsonite 300 Series in black and plan to look around for more best offer,, but definitely gonna get a Samsonite,,,  Durable and tested!!!!

Monday, November 2, 2009


Its going to be 4 years now since we bought the benchtop business from my hubby's friend,, the economy is slowly picking up ... It was terrible the last 6 months due to the recession and high interest rate,, thank goodness that it is picking up and getting busy , during  the coming holiday season,, there are lots of things that needed to be looked after when handling a business,, all the equipments should be in good working condition, having safety products    good relationship with the workers and a rapport with the customers and dealers,,, although I sometimes go to the factory to help our secretary to do some filing and general office work , my hubby  is the one running the business,, he is good at it and knows how to deal with people.

Now that he is busy,, he  leaves the house early and comes home late and I make sure that hubby is looked after ,, that is the only way I can help him to look after the kids, the house and him...

Aside from the business,, we are also going on a holiday this Christmas time and another big project is coming up ,, building our house,, so for sure Hubby will be stressed out all through the coming year but hopefully everything will run smoothly and no added stress....

Love his version

My favorite performance by Stan Walker contestant om Australian Idol...

Love this version of Miley Cyrus song...

Check it out he is awesome!!!!!

Friday, October 30, 2009


The  Windows 7  was just released this week and its creating a buzz with all PC users....
Use Snap to compare two files side by side with a quick drag to the edge of the screen.

Got a file, photo, or website you use a lot? Open it in two clicks with Jump Lists.

Cruise through all your open windows with Live Taskbar Previews.

Quickly find virtually anything on your PC with Windows Search.

Use HomeGroup to share files, music—even printers—in just four clicks.

Explore Windows 7 features.
Top 10 reasons to upgrade.  

Reason 1

Get quicker access to all of your stuff—use Pin and Jump Lists to keep the programs and files you use the most right at your fingertips.

Reason 6

Easily create and share movies—create great looking movies and slideshows and share them on YouTube in minutes.

Reason 2

Manage open windows more easilyresize and arrange windows simply by dragging their borders to the edge of your screen.

Reason 7

Connect to networks easily—view and connect to any available wireless network in as few as three clicks.

Reason 3

Quickly find what you’re looking for—use Windows Search to find a specific file, program, or e-mail in a few seconds.

Reason 8

Do more and wait less—improvements that can accelerate sleep and resume and make your PC more responsive help you get more done.

Reason 4

Share files and printers among multiple PCs—from one Windows 7-based PC to another, you can share files, music, photos, and even printersacross your home network.

Reason 9

Touch and tap rather than point and click—Windows 7 makes PCs with touch screenseasier and more intuitive to use.

Reason 5

Stay entertained effortlessly—with Windows Media Center you get one place to enjoy your photos and music, watch and record live TV, and watch free Internet TV.

Reason 10

Manage devices more easily—manage printers, cameras, music players, and other devices from a single, consistent, place.

Source MICROSOFT .com go and visit the site for more information about the product..

So are you interested ??? also want to browse some equipment on POS systems 

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Getting ready

Yesterday morning we went to the travel agent to get all our papers and tickets for our holiday this coming December ,, tickets for Disneyland, hotel plane tickets were all done,, we also booked a transport from the airport to the hotel .. we just wanted to arrive and someone will meet us and take is to the hotel straight away,, no more fuss...

We make the booking early February 2009 , to get a good dates and get the best travel insurance quote   , when the agent came up with a good package deal we settled them straight away to avoid any hassles ....

As the days pass ,, my hubby and I had been talking about going on a diet ,, hoping that we can at least loose a few pounds before our holiday,, for sure once we are there we are going to gain more because we are missing all the nice food out there and we will definitely pig out and try everything... We are getting excited and the kids are looking forward to it... Especially Bianca who kept on telling me about her cousin Reign whom she see online via the web cam, I've already sent heaps of toys so they can play together....

Net thing to do is to ring up our family doctor to arrange to get our needles/ injection before we travel ...

Can't watch it

Last week my friends and I were talking about the Sydney Motor show and she was saying that they are going to take their boy to the show,, I said that I might  take my boy too , considering that he loves cars ,, but I found out in the net that it was cancelled..  My hubby would love to see some awesome    ,, but maybe next time.

This year’s Sydney motor show will not go ahead after cash-strapped car makers convinced organisers to alternate shows between Sydney and Melbourne. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.

This year’s Sydney motor show has been cancelled after pressure from financially strapped car companies forced the organisers to strike a deal with the Melbourne motor show to hold events on alternate years.

The Melbourne motor show will go ahead as planned later this month, but the Sydney show in October has been put back to 2010.

The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (
FCAI), organiser of the Sydney motor show, and the Victorian Automobile Chamber of Commerce (VACC), organisers of the Melbourne motor show, have formed a joint venture to run both shows, which will each be named the Australian International Motor Show.

The deal was brokered in response to a boycott of last year’s Sydney motor show by a number of car companies who wanted just one major motor show a year.

Eighteen brands failed to show in Sydney last year, including exotic
drawcards Porsche, Aston Martin, Jaguar, Bentley and Rolls-Royce, as well as leading luxury brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi.

As a result, attendances were down by roughly 40 per cent on the previous year.
FCAI chief executive Andrew McKellar said the joint venture would allow both organisations to be involved in a “viable and sustainable” event, while maintaining the tradition and heritage of both shows.

He admitted that the new model “takes into account the views of the many vehicle brands who considered the proliferation of motor shows in Australia as being too costly.”

Car makers, faced with shrinking marketing budgets, had argued that if major shows such as Frankfurt and Paris could hold their car shows bi-annually, so could the two rival Australian cities.
McKellar admitted staging a Sydney motor show later this year would have been “fraught with difficulty”, given the state of the economy.

“There was an emerging consensus within the industry that we needed to move in this direction,” he said. m“We’ll get a better result in terms of what we can bring to future motor shows and that will be better for the public.”

He admitted that the non-attendance of key
drawcards at last year’s show was a big factor in the drop-off in ticket sales, but said other factors were also in play.

“There were a number of factors that impacted on the show in Sydney last year. It coincided with the first real impacts of the global financial crisis.”

He said the staging of alternate events would ensure a high standard of exhibits, including the latest show cars.

“I think we’
ve all learned from the [Sydney] experience. I think the determination of everyone concerned is that when we next present a keynote event it will be one of the highest quality and that’s why we’ve gone down this path,” he said.Source

Monday, October 19, 2009

Back to the blogging world

I'm back and I'm glad that I can now blog and surf around again... Whoaa,,,,, I know I know I've got tons of stuff to do but this is my rest Time.. Blogging......

We are slowly getting settled in the new place ,, everyone told me that its going to be hard to move,,,, but boy oh boy its not just HARD,,its a KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was in a point of losing my sanity,,, We stayed in our house for 8 years and with 3 children the amount of stuff that we accumulated throughout those years are enormous!!!

My hubby is busy looking after our business and sometimes need my help to do some office work ,,,  I tried to help in any way I can,, although I am not a businessperson, my hubby said I should learn the in and outs of the business,, that is why I am interested on learning online,. I found a site  about  online Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership 
I went to check out the site of Lewis University , aside from the Organizational Leadership , they also have programs for Public Safety Administration and Information Security.
It's an online course that is convenient and very flexible for those who consider a career and want to do it online...

I will show this site to my hubby because I think the course Organizational Leadership is good for him ,,, it will enhance his skills in finance, team building and strategic planning. So check out the site and get some more information about it at Lewis University Online

Thursday, October 15, 2009

School Holiday

It's school holiday here in Oz and we are on the second week of the holiday, Braiden is somewhat getting bored at home,, although I take him out for school holiday activities at the mall,,, he seems to be missing the normal school routine. He goes to a normal school with a support class, he is in a support class for kids with special needs , since he has a mild autism ,, he usually likes a set of routines , he always wanted to know what is the next activity and with the help of visual aids he cope very well, I like how the school manage to teach kids with special needs in thay school, not only kids with autism but also kids with adhd some of the kids are taking adhd medication  to help them focus in school work...

My boy is manageable and easy to cope with all the activities and I am glad that he is loving the school , I can imagine and feel for those kids who are having difficulty socializing and coping with others , but with  understanding , support and therapy we can help  the kids . Its just being open minded and awareness of the condition.....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Trying to settle

The chaotic way of moving things for my eldest daughter is just putting all her stuff in a box without labeling and tossing things out ... even things that are important...

When we were moving out of the house I specifically told her to clean her bedroom and pack all her stuff,, it is her responsibility to do it,, I have a thousand and one things to do and I cannot deal with her messy room...

But it was not done properly ,,, she was fretting the other day because she lost her prescription script for her acne treatment   and she was bugging me to look for it,, but to no avail ,, we cant find it ,, so I have to ring up the dermatologist to ask for another script ...

Its been 4 days now that we moved to the new place and there are still heaps of boxes to unload and putting all the stuff in its proper places ....

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Moving Out

The house is such at a mess at the moment ,, with heaps of stuff to pack and move ,, it is just overwhelming. I've been in this house for 8 years and all the things that we accumulated are  too much ...

Last Saturday we did our first load of moving,, we started with all the  things in the garage and the shed and they are now safely packed away in the garage in the house that we are renting at the moment .

As I inspect the things that we need to take I went outside and check my hubby's outdoor bar ,, I almost forgot that he still have some stuff hanging in there ,, I like that bar , it also have a  bar faucet  and a cupboard below ,, the is a special feature of the backyard, and hopefully the new owners will enjoy it too...

The weather here in Oz is beautiful warm Spring ,, a perfect day to move things and do some clean up and I'm hoping that it will stay beautiful this weekend because we are going to have a big move out,, including all the furniture ...

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