Thursday, October 30, 2008

Litratong Pinoy (Kadiliman)

Ito ang lahok ko para sa LitratongPinoy na may temang Kadiliman....
Kinunan ko nung nakaraang buwan nung pumunta kami sa Canberra,,, pauwi na kami non ng kinailngan namin na tumigil sandali dahil ang aking anak ay kailangan pumunta sa banyo.. May lugar dito na pwde kang tumigil at may  banyo pa..
Kaya lang nung tumigil kami ay medyo dapit hapon na... at ang langit ay madilim dahil sa parating na bagyo... Sabi ko sa asawa ko na dalian sapagkat hindi ko gusto ang aking pakiramdam sa lugar na ito... Feeling ko ay parang nasa pelikula ako ng Blair Witch!!!!!! bagamat maraming puno sa kapaligiran ang dating ng Vibe sa akin ay kakaiba,, So kinunan  ko pa rin ng lawaran ang madilim na lugar mabuti na lang at di lumitaw sa larawan ang kampon ng Kadiliman!!!!!! WRAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Happy Halloween to all!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Cleaning my entrance door

I am going to share more cleaning  tips .. I 'm not saying I am a neat freak!!! because I'm not .. I am not a Domestic Goddess too.. My Hubby would be happy if I am .. ha ha ha.... but I'm just a regular mom who cleans up and sometimes just laze around or( blog around )  Well sometimes I have to resist my blogging urge.. As if my Macoy ( my Mac's name ) is calling me... I have to finish my chores first as I say to myself ... 
I read a lot about anything like speed cleaning, getting organized,, and getting much needed tips to keep my life Sane!!!!!! 
Yes... and I try and test those tips and find out which one suits me and which is effective....

Well this weeks tip is Cleaning your Entrance 
The entrance of your house is very important to keep clean because this is the first thing that he visitor will see.. So get all your cleaning equipments ready .. I also have a basket ready so I can put all the things that does not belong to that place.. .. Its what they call Clutter basket..

Clear any cobwebs outside the front door... I use a long broom for this;  making sure every corner is clean..
Wipe the door  ,, then clean your door hardware  , making sure you're using an appropriate cleaner.. For Brass try using vinegar on a cloth,, wiping it properly to kill germs and wipe the hand markings off..
Shake you entrance mat;  water any plants , give it a trim and take away dead leaves..
Make your entrance look inviting ,, by placing some pot plants next to the door,, it will also be a good Feng Shui , or try to place a door mat which says WELCOME... there are cheeky door mats that I've seen but I guess having a WELCOME sign is far more better...  Once you've done that .. its your choice  continue inside or grab a cup of tea or coffee,relax and unwind at least you've done something  .. 
Watch out for more....

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleaning up the toilet..

I mentioned that I am in a cleaning mode this time of the year.. SPRING CLEAN is getting on to my system... with all the advertisements and some  published article about cleaning ,, I am just having a cleaning bug... well that is a good bug!!!

I've been trying a new method of cleaning at the moment ,, its having a chemical free method..
and actually I'm quite impress with it ..
The good old  Bicarbonate  and White vinegar in a bottle spray....!!!let me start with the Toilet room and cleaning the faucets sprinkle bicarb spray the vinegar,, you will see it will bubble up and hear the fizzling sound..  this is good because you don't want to damage your faucet especially if it as nice and elegant as Delta faucets  ,, you have to be cautious about the chemicals that you're using... well back to the cleaning ----- I  then  I tried to use an old stocking , wrap around the back of the faucet and then move backwards and forwards like a sawing action,, I also have an old toothbrush to access any hard to reach areas.. making sure I also clean the edge of all the drains.. and you will see the difference using a natural cleaner... Spotless!!!! watch out for more tips.....

Monday, October 27, 2008

Organizing my shoes

Clean UP!!!!!!
That was our weekend..

Spring time here in Oz and what a better day to spend the day by organizing my wardrobe..
Ages ago I bought clear shoe boxes from ALDI  and I never finished doing it.... So this weekend , I said to myself , enough procrastinating and finish the task that I've been wanting to do for some time now...

On my left I 've got a shoe box but its not really clear ; the one on the right is a Clear Rigid box. I like it because I can see what's inside it clearly and it also comes with a Silica sachet to keep the moist out...

If you want to see more pics try and check my other site WhenMomtalks ..

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Coffee Break Version 1.41

On a a night out with your best buddies,, what would be the ususal topic you talk about?
Jan asked for coffee break....
My closest friends here in Australia are mostly Pinays andThai ..
We all live in the same suburb and SAHMs.....

We often go for lunch,, usually at home,, so every now and then we go around each other's places for lunch,,,, Not a night out,,
 but the usual topic is FAMILY, kids and shopping ---- finding the BEST Bargain in town!!!!! we love sharing about a new household equipment and new products, cleaning tips ...
Latest chsismis and just anything and everything under the SUN,, no pretentions and no jealousy -- well that is far as I know... 

We try to limit our numbers,, just us, and try not to bring anymore people in our group,, we had some bad experiences before and we dont want that to happen again..

We always joke around that our JOINING FEE is way too expensive,, and we are no longer accepting members.. ha ha ha... 
We've known each other for almost 7 years now,, so we tend to stick with each other.. although we never see each other every week,, its better because there are still topic to talk about when we do have lunch,, and believe me .. its non stop talking... 

Inspire Me

Success, Health , Wealth, Luck, Strength Do we all wish we can have them all?????

This is what I long for .... I put them in a red container and placed it on my hall way.. So everytime I pass by I can see ot and gives me inspiration in some ways....

Have a Good Day!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Australian Summer....

Yes.... warm sun, surf  and swim!!!!! That is Australian Summer.... Full of beautiful people enjoying the Aussie heat...

But one thing for sure sexy swimwear  will be "in" again.... one of the best place to see them is in Bondi Beach .. Girls and guys showing off their curvaceous bodies , full of confidence and poise...
Whenever we have a visitors  from overseas we never miss to show them the Famous Bondi Beach where you can just chill out and enjoy the views.... where ever you turn;there will be a good sight to see,, people and nature...

So ,, its heating up and people are flocking to the beach to get some tan or just enjoying the water and relaxing by the sand... Cant wait to be there too.. but not wearing this sexy one... Hummm.. I don't think I can pull it out,,, I just wear a  conservative type swimwear only... 

Getting Slack

It's been more than 2 months since I stop going to the gym... I am just being slack and ran out of motivation... I used to love going there .. even for just 30 minutes of workout ..but since I started going to Joes work 3 times a week,, I'll have no more time to spare to go to the gym.. 
Hummm.......I guess I have to do something else to avoid those  wobbly wobbly bits.. 
I try to eat sensibly and cut out on too much calories... but whawwww!!! its just too tempting to eat my favorite cake and chocolate.... Im just wondering if I  buy Phentermine   and try it ,, will it be effective...??? I have to look at some review and reports about it...

Changes in TOY HUNT

I would like to thank all those lovely people who participated in my TOY HUNT...
Way togo!!!!!

I would like to announce some new changes on TOY HUNT ..

Instead of having it on Tuesdays I changed it to SATURDAY.. it will give more time for moms to do it and since I started working now I am busy during weekdays so I will decided to host it every Saturday which I believe its more convenient to all...
TOY HUNT is open for the whole week til the next due of the next theme,, so those who are interested can still post their pics and leave their URL on my blog...
Just click on the TOY HUNT to read all the details...

The next toy hunt will be on Saturday November 1 the theme is Fluffy Toys/ Stuffed Toy

So see you next week!!!!!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I'll start working again....

I've been going to my hubby's work/ business for the past few days now... and I'm doing a little bit of work,,, my hubby said I have to learn how to do the  paper works and do some ordering so that I know how the business works... Its fair enough!!! so  now I  go to work 3 times a week , my hubby is busy at the moment and at the same time all stressed out because one of the  in his machine is playing up.. so we have to call a mechanic to fix it quickly so my hubby can finish all his work..

While he is working downstairs I am upstairs being trained by  our secretary; she is patiently teaching me how to use MYOB and do paper works.. then after that I have to drive back home by around 4 pm to pick the kids from preschool , prepare dinner and do my motherly duties... Then when all things done and kids are off to bed.. then I squeeze some time to do my blogging.. So I guess I am not a SAHM anymore.. 

I'm still cleaning

I've been very good for the last few weeks now... I'm all hyped up and doing my Spring cleaning I've organized my pantry , my wardrobe and as I mentioned on my last post I cleaned up my home office ... This week's task for me is cleaning my bamboo blinds .. I usually dust it with vacuum cleaner using the vacuum brush.... Using vacuum cleaner can contain the dust and it's just easy .. 
Then I have to clean the window ..
I use a 1 cup of methylated spirits to a half a bucket of water then I transfer to a spray bottle .. Spray the solution onto the glass and I wipe with a squeegee,, I polish it with a paper towel or sometimes to be less expensive I use a microfibre cloth... And it is really spotless!!!!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Litratong Pinoy (Liwanag)

Ito ang aking lahok ngayon araw ng Huwebes na may temang Liwanag..
Kinunan ko ito nung  naraang linggo nung papunta kami sa Canberra  na makikita dito..
Ang araw na iyon ay medyo hindi maganda sapagkat umuulan,,  makikita sa larawan ang madilim na ulap at may konting liwanag na pilit na sumisilip sa madilim na kalangitan....

To all LP commenters sorry I  dont why my comment box is not working,,, please leave a comment & ur URL entry on my side bar CBOX.... Thanks

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Shopping Time...

I just love this new watch that I've got ,,As I mentioned last time when we went to Canberra we went on a shopping spree.... see the story here...
I went to a Fossil shop and there I saw a table of watches on SALE... yes the whole table and probably hundreds of fossil watches men and ladies for only $50...... I quickly browsed on the table and just snoop a little bit...  
Mind you I have to be quick because I've got the kids with me in the shops ... I have to make up some game for my boy so that he will stay longer with me inside while I choose some design... But all he  wanted was for me to hurry up... BRIBERY and THREATS did not work .... my boy just wanted to go in the toy shop... so we went out without buying anything from the Fossil shop.. 
As I walked along I was thinking...... Geeee $50 for a Fossil watch .. thats a BARGAIN!!! so I told my hubby that I have to get one.... Then he told me that we go around first and come back later ... After going around the shops I reminded him that I still have to get a watch... So I told him to look after the kids while I hurriedly grab a watch... This one caught my eye because of the lovely keys hanging around.... I was looking at the bags and wallet when I saw my hubby rushing me because the kids are hungry already...
I am thinking of getting something for my sis because I know she loves Fossil... Sorry  Sis JenL, next time when you come here for a holiday I'll take you there.. and were not going to take the kids with us!!! 
They always say kids and shopping don't mix...... can't enjoy shopping with the  kids,, no matter how good or bad they are !!!! 

Getting ready ....

Not long now until Christmas,,, as I mentioned in my other blog before as early as the 1st week of October I already wrapped most of my Christmas presents  for my children and friend's children..
Yes.... I organized it early...  
I have a habit of when I go shopping and if there is something on Sale I buy it and keep it my garage first ...So I don't have to worry about thinking of gifts for friends or children... Last June when most of the stores here are on Stocktake Sale ,, mostly Toys were on sale I already  put the toys on lay by... I can pick them up anytime just as long as I paid the whole amount.. So it's in their storage first while I pay them every second week or even weekly... 
The  downside of buying early gifts is....... that I tend to buy more stuff...... because by early December there will be another Sale and sometimes when  I check it out;  I  cant resist getting some stuff.. 
But this time I told myself  that .. I will try and do my very best to resist it!!!!! 
With this looming  financial crisis I have to be practical in life.... I MUST I MUST  I MUST resist !!!!
We have a business and we usually give some Christmas tokens..  Last year we gave away some wine to our vaued customers so this year we want something different... My hubby and I were thinking of promotional pens this year.. So we are trying to get some designs and ideas about it...

Pavlova cake

Last week I made this delicious Pavlova cake!!!!!!
This is my favorite  cake .. It is made of a meringue base and just top it with whipped cream, Kiwi, peaches, blue berries , strawberries .. You can top it with  anything you like... 
But I'm honest to say that I did not make the meringue base... I am just to lazy to make it and perhaps I am not good with making this base,, It always collapse when I do it,,, and the fact  that I can just buy a made cake instead I opted to just buy the base and  the fruits and lovingly arrange them on top.. I 've done my best and it just taste heaven!!!! at least I can say I made it....
Tsk tsk.. my sis JenL  is not here,, she loves this cake too... I've been eating too much this week... It's going to be summer soon and I stopped going to the gym I'm wondering  if I can still fit in my swimwear.. I might need to take some  diet pills
Oh well...  I'll just enjoy my cake first!!!! SUGAR FIX!!!!!!!!!

In 1935, the chef of the Hotel Esplanade in Perth, Western Australia, Herbert Sachse, created the pavlova to celebrate the visit of the great Russian ballerina, Anna Pavlova. Whilst it has been suggested this dessert was created in New Zealand, it has become recognized as a popular Australian dish.

Spring Cleaning

I've been busy lately doing my Spring cleaning....  It's this time of the year when after Winter hibernation is over and the weather is getting a bit warmer ,, then it's time to flex those muscles and start doing some good old scrubbing and tackle the mess...

My first big de cluttering was in my home office ... The winter cold days made my office looked dull and cluttered... I wanted to brighten it a bit and just do my filing  and to recycle papers ...
Started with my magazine subscription ,, I canceled one subscription because it's just overwhelming and since I am busy blogging I barely have a time to read magazines.. so I say ta-ta to my Better Home and Gardens mag... how ironic was it... better and home and gardens .. 1st of all I can always watch the show on TV and what's in the mag is on the TV episodes anyway..  
Then I  bought heaps of basket containers to put bits and pieces... Cleared my working desk and its all nice and organized now... Now, I can have a clear mind and be creative in this zone...
You can check my de cluttering process in my other blog....

Monday, October 20, 2008

Toy Hunt ( Toy that sings or with Music)

This is my entry for TOY HUNT..
My mother in law gave this toy to Braiden when he was only 1 year old.. 
It sings EveryBody was Kung Fu Fighting..... while  he makes some karate moves.... 
When Braiden was still a baby he was scared with this singing rat,, but now he kept on turning it on... and for us its already annoying ,,because it kept on going and going.... ha ha ha...
So I took it;  so the toy will have a bit of rest and we will not be annoyed.... 
Now my son  is pre occupied with other toys, maybe  I 'll give it back to him next time...
Come and join me with my TOY HUNT , visit my other site for details....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Renew my Licence

By early November my driver's licence is due for renewal.. I am a P2 Provisional  driver  at the moment and if I want to have a full licence by November I have to take a Driver Qualification Test which is a touch screen computer based test to get the full licence... Humm.. but I am not yet ready to take the exams I haven't read the booklet yet ,, so I am quite hesistant to take it this November...
I am apprehensive  because  I've got a friend who took the same exams 5 times now and she failed them all!!! Imagine that 5 times... That puts me off and every time you take the exams you have to pay for it...
My husband said juts do it.. but I guess I cant juts go there without even studying.. That is why I have to quickly go through the site and read a bit about the exams so at least I have an idea on what to expect..
Well,, we just had our car insurance done a few months ago and now another stuff to do.. And by December I have to bring my car for yearly maintenance ... wheww.. I just hope that petrol prices will go down.. its hard to maintain a vehicle...

Frederick shows off Sydney!

I saw this on YOU TUBE and its Frederick an Aussie guy .. I think he is funny....
Frederick shows off SYDNEY!!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Litratong Pinoy(Bago nga kaya?)

Hay naku... Mahilig kaming mag weekend away na mag anak...Minsan na experience namin na pag pasok namin ng hotel room ay diretso agad kami sa kwarto para mag lagay ng mga gamit,, and napansin ko ang kama ay medyo maayos naman pero nung  Tinignan kong mabuti napansin ko na  may buhok pa ang unan!!! Hindi kaya buhok sa kili kili yon!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Bago nga kayang palit ang kobre kama ??? YIKES!!!!!  so agad kaming tumawag at pinapalitan namin lahat....  Syempre pa ang asawa ko panay ang reklamo... dapat lang no,,, kulang na  lang na humingi kami ng discount,, pero binigyan na lang kami ng complimentary wine .... Kaya Moral Story palaging icheck ang kama !!!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Toy Hunt

How exciting I am starting a meme it will be no my other Blog WhenMomtalks check this out

The past few weeks I was cleaning up my kids' bedroom,, the kids are growing fast and their needs and interest are changing . I was looking at heir toys and some of them are not appropriate to their age anymore.. So that means I have to get rid of it..
As I was gathering the toys and reminiscing their Infant years I thought of taking picture of the toys and make a compilation of their Pre Loved toys... so when they they grow up they can look and see what they used to have..
I had an idea of posting the pictures and describing it.. but the idea grew and I thought giving others a chance to share pictures of TOYS , so the TOY Hunt was conceptualized.

I am going to host a TOY HUNT.. every Tuesday we will have a theme

October 21: Toy/s that sing/s
October 28: Fluffy Toy/s
November 4: Toy/s that walk/s
November 11: RED Toy/s
November 18: Multicolored Toy/s
November 25: Toy/s that talk/s

1. This is open to all,, even if you dont have kids you can still join the Toy Hunt,, you can borrow or take a picture of your family, neighbors , friends and colleuges toys and post it on your blog/s. Original pictures only.. No image should be taken from any website ..

2. Copy the image of Toy Hunt , you can find it on my sidebar and place it on your blog

3. The TOY Hunt will be open every Tuesday 12:00 noon Australia Time (You can See My Time on my sidebar) This is the time that I will post my picture and put the Mr Linky... Take note that I am around 15 hours ahead of USA so if you're from USA and wants to join in it will still be Monday on your place.. Just keep on checking on MY TIME ...
You can post your tag whenever its convenient with you,, just informing you about the time I will post the Mr Linky...

4. I will put a Mister Linky and juts leave your name and URL .. Please don't forget to comment..

5. Take time to visit others to view to post/s.

6. Play by the rules.. Please no obscene pictures or toy/s to be posted...

7. Have FUN and invite others to join it.. Please help me promote this Meme by posting this on your site ,, It would be greatly appreciated...

8. Please send me an email at with your name and domain /URL so I can add your link if you want to be in my list of TOY HUNTERS ,, but make sure to join in at least twice a month..

According to WIKIPEDIA
Toys, and play in general, are important when it comes to growing up and learning about the world around us. The young use toys and play to discover their identity, help their bodies grow strong, learn cause and effect, explore relationships, and practice skills they will need as adults. Adults use toys and play to form and strengthen social bonds, teach, remember and reinforce lessons from their youth, discover their identity, exercise their minds and bodies, explore relationships, practice skills, and decorate their living spaces.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Fun!!!

Yes,,, another Weekend FUN for us...
3 weeks in a row of Good Weekends.. Seeing the Floriade last week and been to Ettalong Beach resort the other week..
This weekend we went to Salamander Bay and stayed at the Oaks Blue Pacific Resort 
We love this place and last Summer of 2007 we stayed there for about 4 times already ; so we know how beautiful the place is.. They have tho longest lagoon style  pool . and if you book an apartment that is a swim out ,, you can swim out on the pool ...
But this time we booked for a 3 bedroom apartment with our own swimming pool.. It was fun because the kids love the mini swimming pool .. although the water is still a bit cold it did not stop my kids and hubby from having a good time swimming..
I was juts reminscing the days when my son was around 3 1/2 years old I enrolled him in a swimming lessons and he really hated going to that lesson.. everytime he sees his swimming gear he would ran away and hide and I have to drag him in the car... and he would cry the whole lesson,, so I pulled him out of the lesson and my husband just taught him how to swim ,, he was  always in the pool during summer time ,, and that is why he learned to swim through his own pace... and now he really enjoys himself!!!!

This is the place that we stayed in,,, 
This was our own swimming pool at the resort.. it is detached from the main area.. very private .
This is the resort's longest pool.. It goes around and it is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a really a LONGGGGGGGG.... pool that goes around and we had to walk around to take the pics...
You can swim at the back of your apartment...

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Litratong Pinoy (Luma na/ Old)

Eto naman ang lahok ko. Hinahalukat ko ang mga lumang bagay dito sa aking bahay, pero ang nakakuha ng atensyon ko ay ang Matabang Pari , na lagayan ng mga biskwit... ito ay sa aking biyanan na babae,, nung pumanaw sya kinuha ito ng aking asawa,, marahil ay may sentimental value sa kanya ito... maraming lumang gamit ang aking byanan pero mga nakatago iyon kaya eto na lang ang dinampot ko.. pero sigurado luma na to mahigit na isang dekada marahil..
Kapansin pansin ang nakasulat na "Thou shalt not get Fat" para di marami ang makain mo...
At saka nung makita ko ito naalala ko si Padre Damaso sa nobelang Noli Me Tangere...

 This is my entry for Litatong Pinoy which has a theme is Old..
This morning I was looking around for old stuff ,, but what caught my attention was The Fat Friar which is actually a Cookie Jar,, this was my mother inlaws cookie jar , when she passed away my hubby took it home .. although she's got heaps of old stuff,, but most of them are packed in the box and stored away.. but for sure this is old already.. must be more than a decade old..
What I like about this is the saying "thou shalt not get FAT" written on it .
and reminds me of FAther Damaso from a novel Noli me Tangere...

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My new Scent

I love perfume and I always wear it everyday and it depends on my mood for the day that is why I've got heaps...
Even during High school and college days.. when I was still in the Philippines I would ask my auntie from US to buy me perfume... and one or them is Eternity .. hummm,, I can still recognize the smell.. I've got a CK perfume miniatures and whenever I smell the eternity it brings me back to my College days... is it the same with you like whenever you smell a familiar scent it reminds you of something or it goes back to an event in your life..
My Miracle by Lancome and Chanel no 5 perfume are almost running out,, I featured some of my perfume and my hubbys perfume here in this post before..

I have Chanel no 5
Miracle by Lancome
Glow by JLo
Pleasures by Estee Lauder
Darling by Kylie Minogue
CK miniature perfumes
Last week when I went to David Jones store there was a lady who was promoting Daisy by Marc jacobs and I tried it on ,, then went aroundthe shops first then I smelled the perfume on my wrist ,,, and hummm I liked it... and if you spend 100$ or more from Marc Jacobs they will give you a black bag as a free gift .. although I 've aready have a similar bag like that which is a Jag bag t ,, I can give away this bag as a gift...
so here is my new scent...

Monday, October 6, 2008

Our Long Weekend Trip

We had a great weekend as usual...
We went to Canberra ACT Australia to visit the Floriade, we left our place Friday late  afternoon and came back Monday afternoon. We stayed in a 2 bedroom apartment in Kingston .
Although the weather was changing from overcast to a clear day ; it did not damapen our moods to go around the city.. saturday was overcast and what a better way to spend it by going SHOPPING... yes we visited the Brand Depot,, and we got back with heaps of loot.. then visited the War Memorial ; which is the best placeto visit  to learn more about the wars that Australian  in which they had fought. We also saw the relics, artefacts and documents of the WW1 and WW2 which were highly preserved..

At the heart of the Memorial is a long series of panels recording the names of Australia's over 102,000 war dead. This is known as the Roll of Honour. An online database compiled from data used to create the Roll of Honour is available on this web site. Search it for details of family members or friends who died serving their country.

Sunday is the best because it was a beaustiful Sunny day so we went out for another shopping trip at DFO direct factory outlet then off we went to visit  the Floriade which is an annual flower display..
I just cant help but take heaps of photos of the breath taking display of different varieties of Tulips and other bulbs..
Floriade is Australia’s annual celebration of spring – a flower festival with more than a million flowers that bloom on cue for four weeks in September and October each year..
To complement the spectacular flower display, Floriade presents an exciting entertainment program with visiting and local performers, children’s activities, workshops, exhibitions, showcase gardens, food, wine and shopping.

After staying there for almost 2 hours we went to visit the Train Museum to keep my son happy. it was a hectic day and stayed in the apartment the whole night...
Then Monday morning had a quick visit to the Parliament House to take some photos and then off we went to the Dinosaur Museum... 
If you can see we had the enjoyed this weekend!!!!!

What a great Weekeend!!! The kids were good and my hubby was generous!!!!!!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Which Superhero are you?

This is my result:
I am Robin

Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
The Flash
Iron Man
Young and acrobatic.
You don't mind stepping aside
to give someone else glory.

Click here to take the Superhero Personality Test

I am passing this test to  JenL, Yen ,Jan, Shiela and Jaja.
Please link the person who passed you this test.....

Litratong Pinoy (Aking Kompyuter/My Computer)

Say hello to MACoy!!! This is my beautiful desktop. My hubby bought this for me last Christmas after I've got pissed off with my SONY VAIO which I did I post here .. so I told him to get a better one because I do most of the online banking for our business... And I'm so inlove with my desktop...
The first time when I used it I was feeling lightheaded because of the big screen being 24 " screen;flat-panel LCD screen with  1920-by-1200 resolution (24-inch), giving me a vivid colors and breathtaking clarity. but now I am so used to it, whenever I use my daughters IBOOK 
 ( which was our Christmas present for her last year ) its too small for me..
The good thing about this is when I do some work in the office like filing papers I just put watch movies on it.. and boy,, It is crystal clear!!!!!!! Its gorgeous inside and out as they say......
It has a Leopard as Operating system and I just love all the feauture...  No need to say more..
 I LOVE MY MAC!!!!  I also organized my office this week and take a peek of my Home Office click here..
If you want to know more about IMac and Ibook just click on this site...

Magandang araw sa inyo , pinakikilala ko si MACoy and aking magarang kompyuter,, Bigay sa akin ng aking asawa nung nakraan Pasko, nainis na kasi ako sa aking SONY VAIO na nilathala ko dito dati. Sinabi ko na pumili ng magandang kompyuter dahil kailanagan namin yon sapagkat ako ang nagbabayd ng mga babayrin namin sa internet.. Gustong gusto ko po itong Imac ko...
Nung unanag gamit ko ay medyo nahihilo ako dahil sa sobrang laki ito po ay 24 " na may LCD screen with 1920-by-1200 resolution (24-inch) na nagbibigay na maayos at krystal na kalinawan, pero sanay na ako kasi minsan pag ginagamit ko ang IBOOK ng aking anak na regalo namin sa kanya nung pasko ay medyo naliliitan na ako.
Gusto ko itong gamitin pag medyo nmay ginagawa ako dit sa aking opisina ay nanonood ako ng pelikula at talaga naman malinaw...
Magarang tignan sa loob at labas... ito ay may Leopard na OS..
Suss,,, hirap mag salin sa Tagalog...Batsa mahal na mahal ko si MACoy!!!!
Sya naga pala naglinis ako ng aking opisina dito sa aming bahay makikita nyo ito dito ... Bisitahin nyo po...

Kung may gusto pa kayongmalaman tungkol sa IMac at IBook tignan nyo nalang dito!!!
Magaganda pati ang mga screensaver nila kaya naman iniiba ko ito kada buwan.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

WFMW Getting Organized

Works For Me: The Kitchen Organization Edition
This is my first entry for WORKS FOR ME.... by Rocks In My Dryer

I've also posted this on my other site  whenmomtalks

I'm so Hyped Up!!!!!!
I've been watching shows about make overs and organizing and visiting some  organizing site and they gave me so much inspiration and motivation to start organizing and cleaning up my clutter..

So I'll be starting some of my make overs on my blog ,, I would like to share it with others , so that they can also find inspiration and start doing things that they are planning for a long time..

So I will start with my 1st organizing task..

The other day I organized my tupperwares and plastic containers..

I opened my top drawer and there it was all stuffed up and sometimes some of them falls out ; and I cannot even close the cup board properly....

This is the BEFORE

I took them all out of the cupboard ,, then took the lid out and placed them all in a big container..
Then nestled the container n top of each other,, I did it by shapes,, so big shapes under then nestled in... I've taken out 2 Ice cream containers and some lids without a partner...

Look at the Big difference!!! Wow!!! I was quite elated when I saw the outcome.....