Saturday, December 27, 2008

Toy HUNT (Toy/s received on Christmas Day)

The night before Christmas the kids went to bed without a fuss ,, but afterwards we heard Bianca crying so Joe went upstairs to settle her down,, she said she was afraid because Santa's reindeers might make a noise and go in her bedroom window .... Well,,Joe has to tell her that Santa will just stop on the next door neighbors place and will just walk towards our place to drop the gifts off.. So she was quite relieved to hear that..

These were our Gifts to Bianca .... Just like Braiden she also received a Nintendo DS , but what she likes to play with is her remote control Little Pony ....
Aside from our gifts they also received a GIFT from Santa which I will post next time..

Check out the TOY HUNT site to see some more TOYS and what toy/s did  Braiden receive.............


  1. Santa sure was good to everyone this year. A remote control Little Pony - now that's the best!

  2. sure do want my son to have a santa experience too :)

  3. wow! lots of toys kids, don't forget to say thank you to your mommy, opps kay Santa pala. Happy new year Joy!!!

  4. They're really focused on the unwrapping! :) All the toys look like fun - that bear is huge!

  5. Kay swerteng mga inakay! Sarap ninyong maging magulang! Hehe!