Friday, December 5, 2008

Shopping Time...

Well, the Christmas Rush is getting on my nerve now...

 Although I've bought most of the gifts since June,,, I just contmeplating if I did the right thing... New toys and stuff are coming in and they are on sale ,, and my children's interest are changing... Now they want a certain toy.. Bianca in particular wants a Pink Nintendo DS.
So after work, I have to quickly to the shops, Took my husband's tuxedo  , to the dry cleaners and went to Target ,I saw it their catalouge that they have a special bundle pack for the Nintendo DS...
Hummmm...  so as I always say to my kids "You better watch out" Santa Claus is watching!!!!
Well.... Got to look at my list I'm almost finish with it...  and I want to completely cross out the list to avoid the Christmas Shopping RUSH!!!!!!


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