Sunday, December 21, 2008

Pinoy Christmas Party...

We had our Christmas Party,,, The people who came ver are my friends since I started residing here in our suburb... 4 of us are married to Australians and all living in the same suburb. It was a pot luck so everyone brought foods to share,,, and there are heaps of desserts too,,, I just don't know which one to eat first so I have one of each .. Hey... Its Christmas season a time to be merry and EAT!!!!! I was thinking I have to find the  best weight loss pills  in the market after this season to get back in track....

Our kids are growing up quick and we are pleased that they all go along together.... One of the ladies (Aleli) is my College school mate which I met at the dancing studio of my daughter.. we di not hang out with each other during college days... that is why when we met we just said that She looks familiar to me... it turns out that we are batch mates with common friends.. what a small world ,,, now we are MATES!!!!!

Proud mommies!!!!
                                       VICKY            ERMA          JOY             ALELI

My kids are the two girls on the left Micah and Bianca... Braiden was not there bec I cant get him out of the house he was pre occupied with Playstation...
The Twin Boys( Luke and Joseph) are Erma's sons and the girl on the Right(Alyssa) is Erma's niece which is also from a Pinay mon...
The brother and sister which are holding hands are Aleli's children ( Lachlan and Courtney)
The girl 4th from the right Alice and the one with love hearts shirt Grace are Vicky's daughters

Time for a pose before exchanging gifts!!!!
Hey,, there's Braiden!!!!! when I told him its time to open gifts!!! He just blurted out!!! Present for me?!!!!!!


Enchie December 23, 2008 at 1:01 AM  

posh moms! it's a great thing to get together with other moms and their children :)

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