Friday, December 12, 2008

Not a SAHM anymore

We are all excited for Christmas this year,,, But I am equally excited about the Christmas of 2009 ,,, why??? because we are planning  to go and visit the Philippines  with my hubby and kids... It's almost 8 years now since I migrated here in Australia ... I never even imagined I end here ... Being a nurse in the Philippines I could have landed a job in USA there are plenty of jobs in Dallas but I guess it was not meant for me.... But hey I LOVE it here in Australia!!!!!

Most of my friends are in America and I just kept in touch with them on the net, they have nursing jobs and enjoying themselves too... To each its own... I might not be working as a Nurse here ,, I choose not to pursue it because I have different priorities... My family is the main thing...  but I do work for my hubby we have a benchtop company and after 3 years of owing it and  being a stay home mom I decided to go to hubby's work 3 times a week to help in the office ,, and I'm loving it....


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