Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Here Comes the Rain again....

First SUMMER RAIN!!!!!!!!!

The first Summer rain in December ... It was humid and we just need this rain to cool up a bit.
My angel statue named LUKE  was soaking ,, even his Christmas hat was drenched...
The kids were peeking at the window while the sudden rain poured down.. They cant help but say  that Luke's Christmas hat is getting wet...
Now that the warm season is on we can now take a cold shower ,,meaning our  tankless water heater will not be used often. Well.. Its nice to have a cold shower in a stinking hot day anyway...
A little bit of information ::
Like all countries in the southern hemisphere (the hemisphere south of the Equator), Australia's seasons follow the sequence:

Summer: December to February
Autumn: March to May
Winter: June to August
Spring: September to November

This means that the Australian Christmas takes place at the height of summer. It also means that the mid-year break for students happens in winter. The end of year break for students is commonly known as the 'summer holidays', or the 'Christmas holidays'.

Even though the four 'official' calendar seasons have the same names as the northern hemisphere seasons, the weather during these seasons is very different to northern hemisphere weather patterns. Australia is generally a very dry place, so summers can get much hotter. The pattern of rainfall is also distinct - some places have abundant rain at one time of the year and almost none at other times.
The wet season lasts about six months in summer and spring, between December and March. It is hotter than the dry season, with temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees Celsius. This is because of the high humidity during the wet, which is caused by large amounts of water in the air. During the wet there is a lot of rain, which frequently causes flooding.

But we welcome the RAIN......!!!!!

HAPPY SUMMER Australia....


  1. Happy Summer indeed, Lovely Photos. I have often thought that spending the Canadian winter in Australia would be the perfect way to have summer year round.

  2. It is so odd to think that you're going into summer and we're going into winter, but I guess that's nature. :)

    I adore your angel, particularly with the hat - and in the rain. :)

    Thanks for visiting my Photohunt.