Saturday, December 6, 2008

Getting ready for party

Yes... The season of get together is on... Where we can have party at home,, A simple barbecue outside during a Warm Summer day here in Australia ..
I found a good guide for a getting ready for a party. I want to share it with you from Womens Weekly..

A party calls for four checklists:
1. A detailed menu listing al the food and drinks plus all the ingredients – accompaniments such as dipping sauces appetisers and breads or other items to go with dips, garnishes and ice and other slices or other items to go into drinks.

2. Preparation and assembly time. Go back over the first time and note what you need in the way of bench space for putting final touches on the food and for filling serving platters. How much time in the oven and/or space in the fridge and freezer will each item on the menu need? Make a list of the best order in which to serve them so you won’t have to heat several things in the oven, or grill or fry them at the same time. make a big copy of this "running list" to be taped up in the kitchen on the day of the party, so that both you and any helpers will know what to do next. Decide where you will have that bar, whether behind the scenes or in the party space, and consider how to organise it.

3. An equipment checklist. What you need to hire or borrow, from extra cutlery to a marquee plus fans to cool it or heaters to warm it. shop around before hiring; the variations in prices can be quite amazing. Here is alist to help you – photocopy it, then insert you own numbers, change it as you need.

Serving platter, bowls, baskets and trays
Bowls for toothpicks, olive stones, etc.
Airtight food storage containers
Cups and saucers
Tea – and coffee – making equipment and serving pots, jugs and sugar bowls
Bar equipment and ice supply
Napkins – allow three times the number of guests
Oven trays
Extra appliances such as hotplates and warmers
Insulated boxes plus cold bricks to supplement the fridge in keeping food cold
Music equipment
Flowers or decorations
Tea towels
Disposable washcloths
Hand towels and toilet paper for the bathrooms
Garbage bins
Fans or heaters
4. A plan of action or "running list", should be started weeks before a big party and at least one week before a small one. It should list everything you have to do from inviting the guests to hiring equipment, shopping, cooking, setting up the bar, decorating and organising the party space, and last-minute chores on the day such as doing the flowers or collecting ice. Put the tasks in order and assign each one to a day, counting down to the day of the party. If it all looks too much, this is the time to consider it calmly and cut it down, simplify or delegate to reliable helpers until it is manageable.

Last but not the leasst enjoy the party ,, dont worry about the calories ,, you can take diet pill after the season....

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