Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Elementary Reunion

Its been 25 years now since I graduated from Elementary .....that is why my batchmates organized a Silver Reunion for our classmates in Year 6 section 1 ...

I was contacted by some old mates through friendster and now I'm in touch with most of them.I am happy to see old friends and mates,, Going through old photos was a good reminder for me of how it was back then...
They also asked me to do a video message ,, gosh,, you know how hard it is to talk infront of a camera.. geezzz, I just cant get my thoughts organized,, I just kept on mumbling and getting all shaky , after making 10 videos,  I had enough ,, I just have to relax and just blurted out,, no need to edit .
I 'm already excited for our group ,, the reunion will be on Saturday , I cannot make it since I am here in Australia and the reunion is in the PHilippines.. 
I just promised the organizers that I will try my best to go online and probably have a video conference.. I might not be physically present but I'll be here with my love and wishes !!!!

Congratulations Year 6-1 of San Isidro Elementary School , Taytay, Rizal
WAY to go  guys!!!!! Miss you all!!!!

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