Monday, December 1, 2008

Cancel my membership

Yes.. I've canceled my membership to Curves gym the other day.... Sob sob sob.....
I was enjoying going there for a while, and a 30 minute workout was not too bad... But since I started working .. I have no more time to do a 3o minute workout!! that is so sad.... I have to drop kids to preschool then pick them up after work, grocery shopping then cook dinner....
I missed 2 months of going to the gym and they are still direct debiting my account ,, so it was useless and wasted... So I went there and canceled it already,, 
Hummm.. wonder if  Hydroxycut really works????
Well no work out but loving this ........ went out shopping with the kids and hubby bought us this......

1 comment:

  1. Just in time when you cancelled your gym membership. I don't know if we have BR here,Ben and Jerry's we have.