Saturday, November 8, 2008

Toy Hunt ( Toy/s with legs)

Featuring for this week's TOY HUNT is Baby Bratz ..... the Theme is toy with legs.. and boy oh boy... look at those chubby legs!!!!!  and she's got a painted toenails too!!!
I gave this Baby Bratz to Bianca last Christmas one for her and one for her cousin in the Phils.. 
Come and join us in TOY HUNT .... see here...

When Bianca saw me taking a Pic of Baby Bratz she cant help but sneak and pop her head so I can take a pic her too....


  1. ang cute naman ni baby bratz :-)
    mine is up too.

  2. The doll is as lovely as your daughter :)

  3. what a cute doll :)

    happy weekend! My toyhunt is up as well: Meet Woody and Buzz

  4. awww chubby legs nga yung kay Reign na bigay mo still in the box.pero nilaro din minsan yo

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  6. i like bratz too, not the typical dolls...this is very get one for myself kaya?

  7. Wow that's really one cute chunky legged doll ;-) Here's mine

  8. oh my! ur daughter's face is so lovely! she looks like a doll..prettier even! :)

  9. Your daughter such a cutie! that's one big Bratz