Saturday, November 29, 2008

Toy HUNT ( Toy/s that talk/s)

More Leapster!!!!!!

Well this one is Bianca's Leapster... I have to get one for her because they are fighting over the Leapster so she's got the My First leappad suitable for ages 3 and up...

This is the Little Touch Leap pad for infant and toddler ,,, this was Braidens but was handed to Bianca . This is also good because its a tell a story .. We still have it because the kids still play it , especially Bianca....
You can see Braidens Leapster on this site ..

Come and join us at TOY HUNT check it out and see other Toy Hunter's entry 


  1. Good day! My toy hunt is up :) Dora will always be a part of our little one's list.

  2. nice posting, and lovely child too. my daughter have barbie bag, please visit mine too