Saturday, November 22, 2008

Toy HUNT ( Multicolored toy/s)

This is my ebtry for this week's TOY HUNT

My mother in law gave this toy for Braiden and then it was passed on to Bianca...It is a baby's toy and it has lots of color that made it so attractive to kids, there are activities to do in every corner.. My kids spent their time playing with this toy when they were toddlers ..

If you want to see more visit the TOY HUNT place


  1. Very colorful nga! Aj will surely love this toy too. :)

  2. it is indeed a one colorful toy :) have a blessed weekend ms joy

  3. I am sure any kid would love to play this toy. Cute cute!

    My toy hunt post is here. Hope you can drop by, too!

  4. ang gara at very colorful :-)
    enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  5. Nice one you got there!

    Here's mine