Monday, November 10, 2008

Feet Problem

My daughter  Micah needs a new school shoes again.. I just recently bought her a new school shoes,, but when I looked at it... it is ready to be thrown out in the bin..... Its all worn out on the side of her shoes... because Micah's got a feet problem.

It's been 3 years now since I first noticed her foot pronation ,,her foot is turned inwards .. and she was complaining about a pain in her ankles.. so I tooked her to the Podiatrist and she was measured to have an insole Orthotics and mind you it is not cheap ..
she has to wear it everyday even during Sports to correct her body mechnanics,,, well we dont want it to be worse and end up with pain like those with  Plantar Fasciitis . She is a very active girl who plays a lot of Sports and ends up with pain on her feet...

So now Micah is whinning again to take her back to her Podiatrist to have a new Orthotics because its been 3 years now.. So I have to book her for an appointment...


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